Figs not ripening

mathaceAugust 27, 2013

I planted two fig trees in my yard this Spring. One was only a foot tall and the other was 3 or 4 feet tall. They were planted about 100 feet apart from each other.
They were planted in identical conditions.

The small one has been growing like a weed! It is very tall now. It is loaded with figs! I have ate 6 figs off it already. My FIRST figs EVER! IT has been SO VERY EXCITING!

The larger one has not grown any :( It is now about 1/2 the size of the smaller fig plant (since that plant has grown so much). The larger plant set fruit first, but none of them have ripen. The plant looks healthy, but is maintaining status quo.

Any IDEAS as to why the one plant is not taking off like the other one? Any Ideas as to why the fruit is not ripening on this tree?

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The young one ,is an early ripening cultivar,and the older one must be a late ripening cultivar.
Late cultivars are not ripe yet in your zone 8.
Place a lot of mulch and limestone powder under the fig that does not want to grow.

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Thanks for the tip.
I checked this morning and found that the one that has been growing like crazy, producing a ton of fruit AND has already produced a 1/2 dozen ripe figs is a Magnolia fig.

The other fig plant that is not growing, but not looking ill either is a Celeste. I am still working on finding the ripening time for each variety...

According to this web site...

The Celeste is an early July and the Magnolia is a late July / August ripening fig plant. Something is wrong with this picture. The Magnolia is doing fine and is on schedule. However, the Celeste is the one that set fruit, but they are not ripening..

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