Hooks that hold 5 flower pots? Broward County area

joss-1February 16, 2014

Hello, I'm in the Fort Lauderdale area and I'm trying to find someone who sells those multiple flower pot holders. They're a single hook at top and they're about 5 feet long and have 5 rings that hold the flower pots one above the other. Any ideas? In Living Color is out of them and I haven't seen them anywhere recently other than at the orchid shows... which are over until May. Thanks for any suggestions.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Green Barn Supplies in Delray might have them but it is a trek. Broward Orchid supply? OFE in Dade? I saw them for sale at Tamiami orchid show but didn't notice which vendor, sorry.

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A company in a Broward called Bactra sells them too. They are in Sunrise. (954-775-4990 and he's also online). His has an adjustable ring and it swivels.
He is supposed to be at Flamingo Gardens Garden Festival & Bonsai Show this weekend-February 22-23.

I purchased one from him for my baskets and so far so good.

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Hi Coffeemom, I sent Green Barn a message, thanks! Trini1... Is that the type that needs a pole or does the whole thing hang? I need to be able to move it around a lot. Thanks!

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Joss-1, this is the one I bought. It has a swivel 'thingy' at the top that allows it to spin around in a circle in either direction. He also has the long one that's on a pole that you're referring to.

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Sorry joss-1, I meant to say the other one he has is the long one that hangs....

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trini1... That one would work... its very similar to the one I was referring to which are the 5 rings directly above one another. I emailed the guy and I'm waiting to hear back. Thanks again. Jim

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bradisha(Z10 / 11)

Hi Joss-1, I normally buy the 5 ring holders from Wire Product Inc, in Fort Lauderdale

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Link below to Wire Products, Inc of Florida

Here is a link that might be useful: Wire Products, Inc.- Pot Hangers

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