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marricgardensSeptember 26, 2012

This spring I decided to plant bulbs for spring color. I was to late for this spring so I should have lots of color next spring. I ordered tulips and daffodils from Brecks. They arrived today, nice firm & plump bulbs. I ordered:

15 giant daffodils for naturalizing

20 Monets garden tulip mix

12 Firespray tulips

25 3 months of mixed daffodils

40 Cream of the crop tulip mix super sak

I do like ordering mixed pkges for variety. Anyone else buy some bulbs? Marg

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Yes, I did buy some bulbs =:)

I ordered from Botanus:

Purple Sensation Allium
Banja Luka Tulips - My absolute favourite so far.
Double Red Riding Hood Greigii Tulips
Crocus Mix
Some type of daffodil
A bunch of garlic - I may never buy store bought again.

I think there's something else I ordered, too, but I don't remember, so it'll be a surprise when my order comes.

I never learn from year to year though. Once again, I don't have a clue where I'm going to plant them all, LOL!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

My order is on its way. I too have limited space now, but i ordered Princess Irene tulips and Irene Copeland daffs for my mom's memorial garden. And those probably weren't the only things i succumbed to, but i can't remember for sure either!

Oh hey, i just checked my old emails and apparently i ordered Delight Tulip Mix and Twice as Nice mix. Now my question is, where the heck did i plan on putting them???

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you may just have to stack your bulbs big ones planted deep little ones shallow that works with some early small bulbs and late bigger ones. I had muscari over my tulips in one garden.

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