Composting in My Vegetable Garden

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)September 11, 2012

I was thinking of doing some composting right in my vegetable garden instead of doing it in the compost and then shovelling it into my veggie garden next year.

Does anyone else do this?

I was planning on chopping up the green bean plants (they're good for compost aren't they?)and burying them with coffee grounds and miscellaneous kitchen scraps, and then when the leaves fall, I'll add chopped up dry leaves.

Will it compost in our climate by next spring? Or, will I end up with a big mess when I want to plant next May?

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Yeah, I do that and my grandma always did. I don't have the patience to finish compost so I take whatever's in there in the fall or early spring and bury it in the raised vegetable gardens. When I make a new garden (as I did this fall), I start with compost and yard trimmings as the bottom layer. It almost fills the box but by the time I add soil it shrinks down a lot. Sometimes you'll get random volunteer veggies growing from seed.

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Thanks Gillian. That's all the proof I need.

If you do it, and your Grandma did it, then any science I could find behind it wouldn't count for much in my books.

Those "old birds" knew more than most of us about growing a garden. Their life often depended on it.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to start =:)

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Hello I till into my garden (mid Sept) tons of leaves and whatever maure and lawn clipings that I can get my hands on in the fall.I Spread 4" on top of the garden and roto till then spread another 4" and so on. When I have a foot of organic matter in the soil I water it well (2") and let mother earth do her thing untill next mid May, I wait untill then because I dont plant untill May 23 and If we have a warm spring some weeds will germinate and that way I can till them under when I get the garden ready for planting. The vegetation that I tilled in Sept is broken down and youll be ready to have another (hopfully) great garden. Its the easyest way to get rid of yours and your neighbors laeves, it feeds your soil and lets your garden do the composting. I quit doing my own pile composting and started do it this way because for all the work I found that I didnt get that much compost, because I have a 60 x 60 garden its the most practical and cost effective way of adding organic matter. I till a lot of my neighbors grass clippings into my garden through out the year by spreading them bettween the rows and every couple of weeks lightly roto tilling them into the soil. I hope this might help.

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