propagation of figs from dying branches?

zweigtribeAugust 18, 2010

gopher has destroyed my fig tree, a precious family member! as the leaves are slowly yellowing and the fruit is trying to ripen, i am wondering if there may be a chance of taking branches off and rooting them in this season. i know nothing of how to begin...advice?

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Take as many 6"-8" cuttings as you can asap. Strip off the fruit and leaves. Put some in plastic bags with damp spaghnum moss. Put a couple of these bags in the refer for a few weeks. Put the other bags in a warm place to root.

Try some additional cuttings in a baggie with damp newspaper or paper towels. Put some in the refer and some in a warm place to root.

You might even throw a few cuttings into water to root. You need to change the water every other day. Once you see white root nubs, pot them up and put in a warm, dark environment (I use my laundry room or garage).

In other words, try as many techniques as you can to get at least some cuttings to root.

In the mean time strip the fruit off the mother tree, maybe some of the leaves to stop transpiration, and water the HELL out it after killing the golpher to try and save the tree. If it does go kaput at least you gave it your best shot.


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