what seeds do you direct sow in fall?

lavendrfem(z6 CT)August 20, 2006

Morning everyone,

I was just wondering what kinds of flowers you all sow in the ground in fall. I have a bunch of hollyhock seeds that I had left over from the seed exchange last year, and I'm giving it a try and hoping for the best. thanks!


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I hope you get a LOT of answers to this question, because I'd like to know if there is anyting I shoud be doing, too!

I have cosmos sulphureum aka 'Bright Lights' and moss roses, Feverfew and Cleome. I don't direct sow, it's just that once you have these 4, they will naturally go to seed and come up in the spring.

The thing is, I'm not sure I should recommend sowing in fall with these. I have always* let a these go to seed and they come up, but not by the millions. I always have just enough. I would think that I would have millions and millions of plants based on the sheer numbers, but I don't, which leads me to think I get about 10-15% germination from them? I imagine some seeds are eaten, but I'm not sure what happens to the others.

It's like those darn poppies! They are impossible for me to get going. I have tried off and on for 20 years, but I expect once I get them in my garden, they will come up on their own. It's probably the diffeence between the 100 seeds in a pack and the 1000s they will self sow.


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spartangardener(z4 MN)

I've heard that things like clematis are good to sow in the fall. Anything that needs a year to germinate or a warm-cold-warm cycle to germinate should be started now, I would think.

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lavendrfem(z6 CT)

Lime - I have the toughest time with poppies too. I thought it had something to do with the quality of the seeds I bought. But now I have something growing in those pots (that I planted in February)...and I hope they're not weeds! :) In the spring I planted violas - and much to my surprise found that I was growing pokeweed (after having it identified here). lol...

Spartan - today I'm trying sweet autumn clematis - I have some seeds left over of that one too. But I planted some delphiniums (not too sure about those).. and some pink peony poppies.

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libbyshome(z9a BC)

campanula.bellflower .....B
clarkia elegans
chinese Forget-Me-Not
Jupiter's Beard ....P
malva sylvestris.........P
mullein ...giant weed
nemophila - Baby-Blue-Eyes
Rose campion..........P
salvia hominum
opium poppies
Shirley poppy
Sweet Pea
sweet alyssum

Those are some of the self seeders in my garden. I always wonder while I'm weeding which seeds I'm stirring around. Are they from this year or perhaps they've been in the soil a number of years? After a few years you can recognize the seedlings and can move them around while tiny.
Some of next year's flowers are growing already. eg :Foxgloves, cornflowers, salvia etc. Most will seed around the 'mother' plant but I'm never sure where something might pop up.


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I'd love to see everyone's answer to this, too, because I've just gotten into the online trading, so I've got lots and lots of seeds to sow! ;o) I'm thinking of starting Hollyhocks in pots, because the bed I want them in isn't quite ready, yet. I've got zinnias and marigolds ready to go, and also Belamcanda. I think I'll go ahead with my Monarda and datura, too.


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Great list, Libby. I think I'll just use it as my wishlist as-is. This is one of the first times I've seen wallflower mentioned -- do most of you CGer's grow it?

Does anybody grow Agrostemma -- corn cockle? That's one I would like to add to Libby's list and I think it is one of those early-ealry spring sowers.


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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

These are just a few, Hollyhocks,lupines,foxglove,Kiss me over garden gate, peony poppies, Black eye susans, Birds planted lot of Queen Anne's lace. Some of the very small seeds like poppies -just press into soil. I protect ever green branchs so birds don't get seeds

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fammsimm(Z8 DFW)


Poppies have always been tricky for me too, but this spring I had my first success with them! I received some white California poppies from the seed swap last year, and they did great. Thanks to whomever sent them. :-)

Are there varieties of poppies that are hardier than others or maybe the weather conditions were just right for successfully growing them ???? I'm not sure why this spring was different but it was a real victory for me.


Good to see you posting again! In addition to poppies and sweet peas (which I direct sow in the fall) some wildflower seeds need to be sown during the fall as well. I don't really need to sow too much in the fall because I have a lot of self-seeders.


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lavendrfem(z6 CT)

Thanks to everyone for the info! Libby, thanks so much for that list - I can't wait to get out there today! :)

Marilyn, thanks! It's good to be back. I sold my house and moved and was up to my eyeballs in boxes. (Moving from a 1500 sq. ft. house to a 720 sq ft. house). But I have a fresh slate here at the new house.
thanks again, everyone!

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

How can I tell when the plants have finished dropping their seeds and when to cut back or pull up plants that have finished blooming?

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