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horsepen40(7a (N. Georgia))August 9, 2011

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share with you my obversations on my 3 fig trees planted in the ground for app. 4 years here in north Georgia. I have a Celeste, a tree I bought as a Hardy Chicago (which it's not) and an LSU Purple. The Hardy Chicago, as near as I can tell is a Green Ischia. It produces a heavy breba crop and at the end of the fruit's growing period, it swells rapidly and ripens. It has a thick skin and is OK to eat, but not as good as I think it'll get as it ages. At least I'm hoping. The Celeste is doing well, but is a little slow ripening. It has nice fruit on it and they are starting to come in slowly now. The champ is the LSU Purple. This thing is a Celeste on Steroids. Planted at the same time as the Celeste, it's larger, fuller has more and larger figs on it and I'm picking at least a gallon+ every second day. I'm freezing them to process them all at one time. The only issue is eating them from the tree. They are delicious. If I ever plant another fig tree, it'll be an LSU Purple. Thanks for reading my post.

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I have grown LSU Purple for many years at a previous location. Six years ago I moved to my current location. I bought three fig trees from a local nursery. One was supposed to be a LSU Purple but all three were Celeste. Then I bought a Brown Turkey which I am removing because the eye is so large that ants get into the fig the day it is ripe. I am replacing that tree with a LSU Purple which is the best fig I ever saw. Once that tree is established it is nearly bulletproof. In my area it does not die back, but may in the first winter. After that it grows and grows and I will be happy again when my new LSU Purple is established.The enclosed site is several years old.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Gardening Page

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LSU Purple figs are really great tasting as you have discovered. They were bred at LSU by Dr. O'Rourke to do well in the South and to be very productive. That was the goal of his breeding program. IMO, he achieved his goal with his LSU Purple and his LSU Improved Celeste fig hybrids.


Checked out your website.......very nice. I'm a river Cajun boy that is big into growing figs and other fruit too. I love Saijo Persimmons and they are one of my favorites. I had a bumper crop of Southern Bartlett pears for the first time this season and had a chance to discover what a great pear it really is for the South. Absolutely love them.........

Semper Fi-cus

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Agree with LSU Purple. It is currently my best fig. Previously, the first crop was only fair. The second and third crop were outstanding. This year (5th or 6th), the first crop was outstanding also. I got rid of hunt and golden celeste. They dropped all figs for five straight years. Can't take this Houston heat. I tasted 2 ripe golden celeste this year before they started dropping and was not impressed. I have much better. I am still looking for a good green fig and think I will try Hollier. People rave about Smith, but mine were poor. I think I did not give it enough time to mature.

I currently have Celeste which has dropped for the past 3 years, but I will keep it due to quality. Also keeping LSU Gold, Black Madeira, Mission, and 2 unknowns that I got from an old homestead. This is the last year for my White Texas Everbearing. They are very sweet, but little richness. The figs also split with little rain. Haven't had to worry about rain this year, but I will pull it after it stops fruiting.

The best fig I had to get rid of was an Improved Celeste. It was very sweet and rich, but open eye. Always full of bugs. I haven't been impressed with Black Madeira, but I will give it some more time based on forum opinions. Will try Hollier and hope it will complete my collection.

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horsepen40(7a (N. Georgia))

Glad to hear the kudos for the LSU Purple. I had die-back on all three of my trees when they were younger, like 2-3 years ago, but I think that was due to a sudden freeze w/o any warning. I believe as long as they have time to harden up, they'll overwinter just fine. Love dem Tigers and love those purple figs from Tiger Town. BTW, I'm from Plaquemines Parish, LA. I live in N. Georgia now due to climatological issues down there. Thus I have to grow figs and Creole tomatoes.

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Just a note on Smith......
A few years ago there were some bogus Smith fig trees being sold. There is nothing "bland" about a Smith fig. Ugly maybe, but definitely not bland.

Regarding Golden Celeste...
There are more than one stain of Golden Celeste in the retail trade.

Regarding other green figs.......
I highly recommend a JH Adriatic. IMO, if ya didn't care for Golden Celeste, you probably would not find Hollier any better.
Geauxxxxx Tigers!!

Semper Fi-cus

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I see all of you going on about figs. wonderful except none of you mention
root knot nematodes! Mine was "eat up" with them in a year and I had to
dig it and dispose of it. Do you just not Have nematodes or how are you
managing. I am going to grow my lsu purple in a 65 gal pot but would grow
them in ground. But then I heard LSU purple is nematode resistant.

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I just ordered one tree LSU purple from eatable landscape.
I think must be some way to fight root nematodes. I had some guy eating the roots of my cucumber and squash after I broke my back planting and raising them and ready to produce I was so frusterated to use any thing. From my reading a solutionof 1 part proxide and 4 parts water ad drensh the soil around the root with the solution. I used the solution and I crossing my fingers. I used to lose two plants daily during the last three days I have not last any so I hope.
By the way you got your figs from a dirty nursery before planting the fig tree you have to examine the roots if the roots are infected throw away the plant.

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I have the real Hardy Chicago if you'd like to trade some cutting come fall. I heard you can take your potted fig to a fire ant mound, piss them off a little bit and the ants will kill the nematodes. I've never had them so I can't confirm that it works but hey it's better then pitching the plant and the old man that told me swears by it.

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please contact me I have a few small fig trees I'm willing to trade now and cuttings come fall.

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As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of an LSU Purple. Seeing all the praise this variety has gotten, I think I picked the right one!

I could use some information on planting: sun or shade, soil type, watering, fertilizing. I am in Delaware.


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