New and want to garden.

sebas407March 10, 2014

Hi all, I have been reading a lot of messages people have posted and it looks like everyone knows a lot about plant etc. I would like if anyone could give me tips or just guide me on the process on gardening. I would like to grow roses, any type of rose that could be grow in Fl. I would like to make this as a hobby. Anyways, I need more information on how to go about the process. What soil do I use? Do I use fertilizers? Should I grow by seeds? Please, if anyone could help me I would gladly appreciate it. I really want to grow something and I hope I can grow roses. If anyone has any other suggestions on what I should grow, please let me know!

Thank you,

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zackey(GA 8b)

I grew tea roses in Vero Beach years ago and they grew really well. Most tea roses are very fragrant. Don't get water on the foliage when you water to avoid a fungus called Black Spot. (which looks just like it's name.) Yes, you will need to fertilize with a rose food. I prefer a granular rose food. Follow the directions on the label as to how much to put down ( I know that may sound kinda harsh, but so many people don't). Water in the fertilizer. Check with your local Ag. Center for a pamphlet on rose care and what varieties grow well in Orlando.

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One major thing to know about roses in Florida. If at all possible make sure they have been grafted on to fortuniana rootstock. There are a few roses that do well on their own rootstock, but most die or start declining in a few years if they are not on fortuniana.
In this area Nelson's roses are all on fortuniana. Most large nurseries will sell them, or you can go to their nursery and purchase them yourself. They come in distinctive blue pots.

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I have a rose bush that was here when I bought my house five years ago that is absolutely insane. It gets no irrigation, no fertilizer, only morning sun and grows like freaking crazy. I have to shear it with a hedge trimmer to keep it in bounds and it flowers like mad. Not especially fragrant (but does have a little scent). I have no idea what variety it is, but if you can identify and find one, it grows really great in central Florida.

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Hey Sebastian and welcome!

I have some baby roses I can share with you so you can get started with your hobby. They are easy to root from cuttings - the one in Jack's picture above look like some I have rooted. And they are fun to mix into the Florida landscape (except that they like to scratch me with their thorns); mostly I grow them in containers, though.

I think there are some other posts here that you can search for where we talk about Florida roses. That is where I have learned everything I know!

Drop me an email ~


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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

The one in Tradition's picture looks and sounds like it is a type of china rose. In my experience, china and antique roses are some of the best ones you can grow in florida. Some of them are wonderfully fragrant like the Louis Phillipe. Of coarse they also tend to have a lot of wicked thorns and fast growers. I know one of my parents Louis Phillipe roses got to be about 12 feet tall and the only thing keeping it from falling over under it's own weight was the 6 foot board fence it was growing through.

Another china rose I'm familiar with is Mutabalis which gets nearly as big as the LP but isn't as fragrant.

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@ TheTradition:
It's an antique rose. The variety is "Louis Phillipe". I live in 9b also and had one growing like crazy at my house. I tried moving it, but it was just too big and old and didn't survive the move. I think it's a great starter rose. It's easy to care for, vigorous, and blooms frequently. My local nursery sells them and I've read of several other that do as well. It also roots very well with green wood cuttings using rooting hormone and dirt.

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