Kiwis in South Florida

boom1(10b)March 18, 2009

anyone have any luck with kiwis in south Broward County? they are my favorite fruit but im worried it may be difficult to get them to bear here. i know there are some low chill varieties but i wanted some first hand info, thanks

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jay-wpb(10 FL)

I dont know the answer to your question but I tried a Dragon Fruit a few months ago - it was very much like kiwi. It may be a substitute if all else fails and dragon fruit does well here.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I am zone9b and planted two only to have them go to that big zone doesnt matter garden in the sky.

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thats what i was afraid of.

i am growing yellow, purple haze, delight pink and red jaina dragon fruit. ive never tasted them but im glad you think they resemble kiwi, i look forward to trying them.

im building a 10 ft high trellis overhang on the side of my house, i guess ill grow muscadine grapes.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Fuzzy Kiwis are fine in zone 10. I have quite a few, both Vincent, and Tomuri. They look ugly right now as they are leafless/dormant.

Dragonfruit are fun to grow and the blooms are stunning! Being a cactus, makes them different as far as supports/care/ferts. Mine were badly hurt by the frosts last month.

I have many varieties of Muscadines as well. They are heavy bearers, and easy to care for.


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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Lisa, I could sit and take notes from you all day as you are my go to person on all knowledge of fruiting plants, but Broward 10b is nothing like the zone 10 you have in Jupiter. I discovered this when I found the plants Kat was able to grow in WPB that never made it in our zone. I don't know if it's the heat or humidity but I don't think kiwis have a chance south of palm bch county.
If anyone is growing kiwis here, speak now or....we'll be planting dragonfruit. :)
(I truly wish I could replicate Lisa's "Garden of Eaten"....sigh)

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yes i doubt we get little if any chill hours here. the coldest it dipped this winter during the night was 50's.

what confuses me is i know they grow peach varieties down here which require at least 100 chill hours

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