Prairie Magic Apple

ziggroSeptember 27, 2011

Had about a half-dozen of these on my young tree this year; reached full, were they good! Best-tasting apple I've fruited here yet...although a fully-ripened Carroll was pretty close. If you want a hardy, good-eating apple that will ripen by the third week of September, you might want to check this out. I think it would make fantastic juice as well.

Does anyone have one of these trees that is a little older? I'm curious as to how productive I can expect it to be.

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I don't have older PM ziggro, but appreciated hearing about your success with it. In the early spring of this year I planted one each of Norland, Red Baron, and Vista Bella. Ordered them from St. Lawrence Nursery - wanted a Carrol (and had Prairie Magic on order form as my second choice), but they must have been sold out, as I got Vista Bella as substitute. My new apple trees seemed to do fine this first year and am looking forward to the season I begin to get some fruit. Thinking about placing an order for Carrol this year. Last year I ordered late, so that is probably why I got Vista Bella as a substitute. Are you finding that Carrol ripens later than PM? Anyone out there growing Vista Bella?

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Carrol ripens earlier than Prairie Magic here, maybe by a week or two. I love Carrol, but my Carrol tree is not very productive. I haven't tried Vista Bella, although it's on my list to try--I plan on grafting some VB onto one of my apple trees. I'm interested in Red Baron, too, as I hear it might be a good pie apple, and I think it might actually mature in my short growing-season climate.

I'm hoping my Prairie Magic will become a productive tree. It would be great to harvest a bunch of those apples!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Ziggro, I just found your post from last year - I am wondering where you are and where you found the Prairie Magic apple trees from please? Just curious to see if I can find them in the Calgary area! Thanks.

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I live in Montana...Prairie Magic was offered at a local nursery here. I think it comes from up your way, so I would think they would be available in the Calgary area. However, you have many other prairie hardy apple cultivars in your area--more than we do down here, I think. I have heard good things about Prairie Sensation. A hardy tree with fruit that is large, firm, crisp and juicy, and stores very well to boot. In taste tests, it was regarded akin to Gala. It's a University of Saskatchewan release that is sold in Canada, but not in the U.S.. If you can get hold of one of those, you might want to give it a try. Good luck!

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prairie sensation is a biennial bearer for me,
even with judicious fruit thinning
the taste is not as good as september ruby

m360 is a large tasty, tart apple, that bears consistently

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

UOS is making a big hype, ...on cherries too. I.M.O ..nothing outperformed the Evans, nothing has outperformed the Norkent Apple in taste! I have a UOS best pear growing for about 6years now, it keeps freezing back, ..a disappointment, if it will ever fruit I don't know, if it does I'm prepared for another set back.

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i agree 100% Konrad
they are master marketers
i lost respect for them when they stole the name 'haskap', from the ancient Ainu people of Hokkaido
none of their honeyberry contains any genetic material from true haskaps
but as a marketing ploy they use that name
i'd love to see one canadian grower in all this time that has sold to japan

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Thanks for the info on Prairie Sensation and M360. Can't get either down here in Montana. I did get some M360 scions from Nick Botner, but they don't seem to want to take. Had success with grafting 5 other varieties, but no luck on M360 ):

Thanks for the tip on UOS...I have a Norkent apple growing but is a long way from producing fruit. My Evans cherry is very nice, though, and seems to give me a healthy crop about every year.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Norkent and September Ruby I find one of the best growing trees here, it takes about 2 years to establish a good root system, after that she takes off! Good to plant small, a large calipper tree sits in the ground and don't want to do much for 2 years,.. also prone to get sick.

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i am a terrible grafter, so i have not gotten an m360 to take either
i tried about 10 this year, and i will continue to try

but i have successfully grafted several sept ruby's on an old crab
(another reason i like that tree)

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