Staten Island, NY Fig Tree Growners Gathering

tonysiny(6)September 16, 2010

On September 16, 2010, Fig Tree Growners met at the local park to show off their expertize in growing various types of figs. This event was the work of Pam Silvestri, Food Editor if the SI Advance. The major topics were on how to cultivate fig cuttings, prepare the ground with compost, and needed protection from local preditors, such as, birds, and other wild animals. At this gathering, I met two fig lovers, John and Santos, both of SY, NY. In late Nopvember, I will be giving them new cuts from my fig tree that produces figs the size of marbles. Sweet as honey. In closing, we all had a great time. We should do it again... Regards Tony From SI,NY.....

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`Tony, I was there too. There were 2 people who showed up with figs to trade Peter, who wore the orange Belleclare shirt and myself who had plants next to his. I think I spoke with you and said I thought you have celeste figs. I must of eaten 50 figs last night. Had a great time and discovered a few figs that I never tried before that were excellent. Beleive it or not I tasted a green fig, with a deep red interior and thick skin that alomost dried on the tree and I couldn't believe how close it tasted to violette de bourdeau, THIS YEARS vdb which was outstanding. Next time lets do it on a Saturday in the day if possible. I know a few people who couldn't go because of work conflicts. How about in 2 weeks!?


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