Which Daylilies Can't You Find?

maximus7116(MI)June 19, 2012

All the recent posts with daylilies I can't find made me wonder if others might have the same issue, or might be helpful in locating hard-to-find daylilies.

Here's the group I've been searching for:




Sweet Cherry Wine (?) It's another Bud Bennett daylily, but I'm not positive about the name.

Are any of you searching for elusive daylilies?


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Benett's daylily is "Wild Cherry Wine". It is difficult to find but I bought it last year from Singing Oak Gardens. I just checked and it is sold out for this season. Just order from then in winter. I got excellent daylilies from them.

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Thanks, Olga. I placed an order with Singing Oakes this year, but they were sold out of Wild Cherry Wine, and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Thanks, though -- I'll try again later this year.

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I also bought Wild Cherry Wine from Singing Oak last year.
This year I have ordered from Iron Gate Garden. I am always pleased with their plants; and they do have Wild Cherry Wine. Another Bennett I bought from them is Polar Fizz. Wonderful.

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I purchased WILD CHERRY WINE from Bud two years ago and I know that he doesn't have any for sale this year. I sold a double fan of it last year and only have a double fan in my garden. I also grow POLAR FIZZ and that is a great plant. I probably grow about 20 to 25 of Bud's intro and I love them all. I also grow SALTY SKIPPER. I will post pictures of Bud's plants that I grow. I know that Briscoe's Best Blooms has SALTY SKIPPER and WILD CHERRY WINE. Sometimes one can talk Fred into selling a piece in the Fall.


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bizabet(z7 nc)

Carolina HissyFit -- Daylily. It is gorgeous and the name has special connotations for me. When I have found it (and only online) it was 75.00/fan. Just a WEE bit overpriced for me. I would happily do a multiple fan for a single fan trade if I found someone who had it and wanted what I have.

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I have a pot of WILD CHERRY WINE that I apparently bought some time last year or this year. (Scratches head while wondering, once again, "Where did THAT come from, and when did I get it???")

It's odd how one can covet or lust after a daylily that seems impossible to find - only then to serendipitously luck into it. For several years, I wanted HARLOW. Not that I'd ever seen it, mind you, but it had caught my fancy at some point. I have no idea why....The more time passed that I couldn't find it, the more I wanted it - 'til I just HAD to have it. Yet still couldn't find it until last summer, when I visited a nearby place where the owner sells every daylily for the same very reasonable price. And there it was! HARLOW at last! So I placed two orders for it. (Planting in late August, so I wanted to increase my chances that one of the two would overwinter.) They will bloom this year. I wonder whether I'll like it. :)

The current list of ones I want but can't find (or, to be frank, haven't looked very hard for), well, let's just say that, if I were to somehow find them all, there's no way the budget would allow me to buy even a fraction of them.

bedmaker, I, too, have a collection of Bud's plants, albeit much smaller than yours. But if I wanted to, I could order a boatload from a nearby garden. I forget how many are on this year's list, but I'm guessing 30+. His BLUES IN THE NIGHT is in bloom in my garden now. Very pretty!

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Could I have the name of the garden that sells all the Benetts.

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I have two areas of Salty Skipper. If you can't find it, I can probably help you with it. I love that bloom and it is a nice re-bloomer here. I wanted it so bad, I got it directly from Mr. Bennett last year, and got Jolly Lassie as well.

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Iron Gate Garden's order period is over, if you're curious.

I would love a couple on your list too...


Here is a link that might be useful: GothicLibrarian.net

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Thank you all for the helpful info regarding Bennett daylilies. This gives me a few avenues to try either this fall or next year.

Kay, thank you -- I'll let you know if I can't find it anywhere else.

Lynxe, I love your story about Harlow. Now I have to go find a pic of it. You'll have to post a pic when yours blooms. Your story reminds me of trying to find Carpenter's Tijuana Treasure, which I got a few years ago and planted in the best spot in my garden. It's still a very puny two fans and I'll be shocked if I ever see a bloom. Maybe we're just not meant to find certain plants.

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"Could I have the name of the garden that sells all the Benetts."

Maizey, I'm sorry to have to tell you that, unless you're willing to drive to this area (Bucks County, PA), you won't be able to buy from the place - it's on-site sales only, with the garden open starting in early July for visitors (who can order plants at that point). Pick up is then in mid-late August, also at the garden.

Having said that, I see you're in zone 5 somewhere. You may be one of those garden fanatics willing to drive a couple of hours or more to visit gardens. (Is there any other kind?) If so, then you'd enjoy the visit: The gardens are lovely, and this year's price list (much smaller than in previous years) has over 700 daylilies on it. But I just scanned it: because plants in some hard-to-dig beds are no longer on it, there are far fewer Bennetts than before as well. So I misspoke about the number of Bennetts currently available - apologies.

I had planned to contact you via email with the garden owner's contact info, but it's been so long since I've visited the GW garden forums that I can't recall where one finds members' contact info. Would someone please let me know how one contacts members?

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maximus, here's another story about getting a hard-to-find one: On my second annual visit to Woodside Nursery, when I knew nothing about daylilies (not that I know that much now), I went totally bananas over a screaming orange daylily. Boy oh boy did I want that one! But they wouldn't sell it to me, wouldn't part with even a single fan, even though there were masses of it in an enormous whiskey barrel. According to the owner, the plant might be some kind of award winner the next year. He mentioned the name of the award, but, since I'd never heard of it, I promptly forgot it. Yup, the orange screamer was PRIMAL SCREAM, which did in fact win the Stout Silver Medal the next year.

And of course, since it had won, its price was always beyond my budget. I spent fruitless hours searching for it at a price I could afford and even tried begging, pleading, and wheedling with everyone I knew. All to no avail. Then came 2006, when someone sent it to me as a gift plant! I finally got it! Then, in a subsequent order that year, guess what someone else included as a gift plant? Correct.

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"Your story reminds me of trying to find Carpenter's Tijuana Treasure, which I got a few years ago and planted in the best spot in my garden. It's still a very puny two fans and I'll be shocked if I ever see a bloom."

Sometimes you never know. I think it was on this forum, maybe last summer, that I was trashing PRECIOUS CANDY. Last summer's performance, in fact every summer's performance other than its very first, had been so awful - and the colors on the bloom so very, very horrid - that, for the very first time ever, I'd actually decided to compost or at least give away a daylily, and the price I'd paid be d...ned. (I'd bought it in its intro year.) Well, this summer it's been really nice, all things considered. It actually has two-way branching (with a top vee). Still a pretty mingy number of buds, but the clump is nice-sized, so there are a decent number of scapes. Plus the color's been very good, the edge is lovely, and - at last! - the blooms have been opening fully. So I'm keeping it, for now at least. Maybe it will be even better next year?

I also have an oldie, the name of which escapes me now, that I bought in, get this, 2006. It bloomed that year and the next, but I never saw it again. I confess to having a couple of horribly overcrowded beds made with tons of mushroom soil and aged compost. So, not only are the daylilies too close together now, but they are large, vigorously growing plants. I assumed that that historic, smaller diploid-y thing simply couldn't survive the competition. So image my surprise when it bloomed this year! We're talking a gap in bloom of FIVE years! Obviously, I'll be moving this plant to a better spot, and I realize that most people probably wouldn't have the patience for performance like that one's, or like PRECIOUS CANDY's here in my zone. But if you do have the room for a slow-grower, sometimes it's worth the wait.

BTW I just noticed that you don't have to change the subject line any more when posting sequential comments! I was always forgetting and hence always annoyed when my comments wouldn't load because I hadn't changed the subject line. This is so much fun that I might continue posting comments one after another for another hour or so. ;)

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One that I have been looking for since I saw a pic of it on this forum last year is Purple Grasshopper. Anyone know a source?

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Lynxe, I enjoyed reading your stories about daylilies!
To contact try clicking on underlined nickname there will be Send email link - at least that's how I contacted somebody last year.

As for dls that I want and can't easily find - I want one called 'Claire Bear' (never saw it)

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shive(6b TN)

Pagrdnr - Ladybug Daylilies sells Purple Grasshopper. Dan Hansen will likely send you a clump of it for the $20 price. I buy from him regularly and have never received a plant with rust.


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Yes, Lynxe, you can keep regaling us with your daylily stories. Here's another one about hard-to-find daylilies.

A few years ago, I was on a tear to add as many Munsons to the garden as I could. Some were getting "lost to commerce," so I figured I should add as many as I could if I could find them. Now, I only added ones I liked -- it wasn't enough just to be a Munson.

The one I was most infatuated with was Etosha Flame, which I was able to locate a couple years ago. Many of the Munsons I acquired turned out to not be great performers here in Michigan, but Etosha Flame took off and holds its own next to much newer and fancier daylilies. So, this daylily search had a happy ending.

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maximus, I am in Ann Arbor/Pittsfield Twp/Zone 5/Michigan and wonder if you have performance problems with daylilies ordered from Southern nurseries?

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Pat -- I used to order many more daylilies than I do now, and ordered from a ton of southern nurseries. I don't remember having any problems with those daylilies, other than fans slimming down once they hit my climate. I think I had more issues with daylilies from some southern hybridizers not performing well here (namely Carpenter, Kinnebrew and Trimmer). That's a shame, since I love many of their intros.

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