What is the best fig?

PlantsofTurkeySeptember 4, 2011


What is the best fig?


Nazmi Cardak

Nazmi Ali Cardak

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

That depends on who you ask. Everyone has different taste. Climate also affects how figs perform. So far for me it's been Violette de Bordeaux and Hardy Chicago, but I have some small trees that will probably surpass them once they mature.


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Since taste is subjective it's really impossible to answer. I think the best fig is whatever is ripe and within reach of your hand!

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I can only guess what kind it will be.
It will be early ripening, sweet with good figy taste having some aroma (then bigger is better), not requiring pollination,fruit good looking and not splitting or spoiling in any season. The plant disease free, productive and, if possible, the tree able to use its leaves for slapping any intruder like birds or squirrels etc to keep them away.

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I was only lucky enough to enjoy one ever and yet but I would say hands down this would be the RDB ( Ronde De Bordeaux ).


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I love Brown Turkey, here in the south.
But I am growing new variety of figs, to see what the other guy has.
And to lengthen the harvest, much the way muscadines are grown.

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

If I could only grow one, it would be Celeste.

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What's your limitations?
Do you live in an apartment? Or do you travel?
Louisiana is the perfect climate for it.

Or you just don't know how to take care of one?

This place and the figs4fun forum are the perfect places to get the know how and advice.

Unless we know why you can't, we can't help you.

If you chose to keep it to yourself then that's fine too.

Good luck,

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My only producing fig is Brown Turkey; next few years I should be harvesting Golden Celeste, Col de Dame, Violette de Bordeaux,LSU purple and a few others.
This is my first year with figs held at 60 degs inside. Does anyone know if they need a chill period?

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My understanding is that fig trees do need a resting period. If they don't the fruit production will decrease. I believe it depends on the variety going anywhere from 100 up to 300 chill hours. Maybe someone else has a better take on it but that is what I've read. Hope that is helpful to you.

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Thanks Tony, I thought I'd sent thanks earlier but it seems to have gotten lost. I've been loosing my connection a lot lately.

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