holy cow, Bill Maryott !!!

roxanna(z5b MA)June 27, 2012

just got my Maryott's order and WOW! how do they do it?? i mean, i ordered 12 plants (forgotten the total cost, lol) and they sent me 9 bonus plants including one bonus of "Soft Contrast", their new 2012 $100 daylily. i think the bonus plants added up to at least twice what i spent on the order. totally awesome and amazing. i see why everyone here recommends Maryott!

my bonus plants:

Soft Contrast

Strikingly dramatic (i'm going to LOVE this one)

Vienna Waltz (love this one, too)

Best in Class (gorgeous)

Layers of Love (i love red ones!)

Blueberry Butterfly


Choral Fantasy


where i am going to put them all i just don't know. i think i'll be culling a lot of phlox and rudbeckia to make room. i refuse to build another new bed (have 26 as it is and cannot keep up).

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shive(6b TN)

Bill is very generous, but it's always hard to fit in all those bonuses. A lot of my pot ghetto is made up of them.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Maryotts is the best. Yes, you get fabulous plants and lots of them.

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Lucky you! I haven't ordered a single thing this year - I promised myself last winter that I wouldn't buy anything until all the potted ones form last year were in the ground. Boy was I surprised when I pulled them all out from under the trampoline where they wintered and there were 64 pots! I am still planting them! LOL!

I may be weakening though... that is incredibly generous of Maryotts.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Bet you will love CHORAL FANTASY, too. its a beauty.Sounds like you are going to be very busy fpor awhile,. and in this heat, too. :( injoy your treasure.


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Ah yes, that's Bill Maryott.

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I'm impatiently waiting for my order. Should be sent out soon. I just placed a very small order to get Jacqueline Kenneday Onassis for my dad (told him father's day gift would be late since he doesn't start mailing until the 15th) and Texas Blue Eyes for me. Then had to add another to meet the dollar limit-not complaining his limit is low so I added a Raspberries and Cream for dad also. He'd halved his order of that one with me last year. His didn't make it, mine did so I wanted to replace it for him.

Also-I just got Strikingly Dramatic as a bonus last year. Here is its FFO

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Some of my favorite plants are ones that were bonuses.


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That always happens to me too Nate-especially when I order directly from a hybridizer. Sometimes I think I should just ask them what they recommend and go from there. I always appreciate them sending me something great though! I also have the pot getto from bonuses this year. Don't know where they are going to go. I didn't get everything I wanted moved this year due to the crazy weather we had.
Sounds like Maryotts are great to order from. Too bad I am not in the US to place an order. You guys have so many more choices-Not that I don't have enough here to get in trouble with!:-)

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Wow, Roxanne! That's great! I like to order from them too :)
I just got my order yesterday as well. I ordered two, and this time I made a list of dls I'd like to avoid possible repeats like last year and he sent 3 of them!

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I got my box this week. Bill is always over-the-top generous with his plants. This time I actually added up the cost of the bonus plants, and even excluding the freebies from the BOGOs, I could not believe the value of the gift plants!

Thanks, Bill!

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