sherryinmaine(5a)September 12, 2008

Hi a sucker has grown up from the roots of a potted fig. Should I cut it, or leave it to grow?

Will it take energy away from the tree? Or does it matter?



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traditionally suckers were used to quickly root a new fig from the Original. I would leave it, It will grow out and give the fig a larger bushy effect. Ciao

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It depends on what you want the tree to look like - and yes, it will take energy away from the main part of the plant. If you want your plant bushy & shrub-like, with multiple trunks - leave it; but if you want a tree-form plant, or don't intend to keep the sprout as another trunk, then remove it as it/they appear by digging down in the soil & severing cleanly where it joins the root or bole.


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My Natalina fig did the same thing: produced sucker late last year. I didn't cut it and this year that sucker produced a lot of figs which are ripening at the moment.
My fig tree was bush like already and i did have some concern what to do with the sucker. It did grow to about 3 feet when I pinched the tip this past May. It is a very beautiful fig tree now and I am thinking should I cut all other trunks and leave just that sucker? It gruw fast into a beautiful trunk and I shaped it at the very top into 3 branches.

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I would like to say hi to everyone here. A lot of what I know in growing figs has come much from the contribution of all your collective posts. I am always amazed

My new Brunswick fig has grown few suckers, one of which has become thicker and taller than the main trunk, I layered its bottom part with a mixture of soil and peatmoss and recently separated from the pot and transplanted to a new pot. I believe suckers deplete the nutrients of the main plant. However it can be used to grow new plants if you so desire.

Radovan, do you find the multiple trunks more advantagious in growing and fruiting a fig than a simple one (open trunk system) where you live? I've read before in your posts that you're in southern Ontario, Brampton. I live close to you Mississauga ....thus my question.

Thanks in advance

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Radovan, Johfe and Sherry, I live in New Brunswick and have two mature but spindly Celeste trees, among others. I was delighted to see both of them send out suckers (about 6 on one and two on the other) as I want to cut back the main stems which are growing off at a low angle and take up too much room. The previous owner of these trees took off too many cuttings from the wrong places and left the trees in a mess. Some of my suckers have now grown enough to have sent out a half dozen new figs, and am still eating figs off the main parts of these trees. I plan on making these suckers my main growth by next year when I lop off the main stems after they are air layered. I need to bring all of my figs into the house over winter where I live, so I grow everything in pots but transplant for the summer.

Radovan, I just sent you an e-mail.


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jo_h_fe, I am still in Brampton, Ontario.
McLaughlin Road North & Queen Street West very close to you:-)

Some of my trees have multiple trunks (out of control), one day I am going to fix it. What I prefer is single short
trunk with many branches, those ones are easier to move in and out and they give me many figs. What I mean short trunk not higher than 12 inches and not taller than 3 feet from the top of the container including branches. All of my fig trees are small, some of them are very much neglected and some of them I value very, very much. Beside all those things my figs somehow manage to produce a very good crop despite of quite short summers. All of them managed to ripe this year although they started very late in the spring.

Very soon I will be in trouble where to store them. Cold room is not big enough and I am very old to dig the soil to bury them underground.

John, I got it. Thank you.

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Radovan, nice to hear from you, can you please send me an e-mail so that I can add you as a contact in my fig growing enquiries.

my email is

Joe...thanks in advance

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jo, no problema:

here it is;

keep it touch,

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