Am Interested in Purchasing Fig Cuttings

George_USeptember 9, 2013

I just recently got interested in figs, and now have 3 fig trees growing in my backyard (Black Mission, Tiger Panache and Celeste). I have space for more and would like to plant additional varieties.

I just planted my figs this summer, and they are not big enough to harvest any cuttings yet. I am very much interested in purchasing some cuttings (self fertile varieties) from fellow forum members. By the way, this forum is really very informative and helpful.

I will be going on an extended trip in the middle of October, and if possible, would like to to plant the cuttings before I leave. Please email me directly if you can help me out.

Thank you.

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I would love a couple of desert king cuttings. I can send a prepaid mailer and a few dollars for your time. Thanks :-)


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i have several different types of figs and could trade you cuttings tiger panache cuttings.

a few cuttings i have for trade
strawberry fig
lemon fig
brown turkey
kadota white
texas everbearing
and more

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