Monday's Garden Walk (photos)

shive(6b TN)June 13, 2011

As I surveyed the garden today, I kept noticing instances of double scaping. That means instant rebloom, so I was jubilant. So far I've had double scaping on Westbourne Good Old Days, Purify My Heart, Stealth Bomber, Charmed Existence, Aztec Headdress, Conquest Quay, Sacred Ground, Cognizant Dissonant, Green Mystique, Spacecoast Sharp Tooth and Nutmeg Spice. With that and cooler temperatures today, I'm a very happy gardener.

WESTBOURNE GOOD OLD DAYS is one of the best branched and budded cultivars in my garden this year.

HILLBILLY HEART was showing off in a clump.

MOONLIT MASQUERADE made a pretty clump, too.

Some of my new unusual forms had ffo's today.

ASTRAL VOYAGER by Melanie Mason struck me as whimsical. My husband, who doesn't understand sepal quilling, thought it had something seriously wrong with it.

GENIE IN A BOTTLE from Nan Wilkerson was a lot lighter than I remembered. I wonder if the fertilizer I put on is bleaching some of the color out of my flowers.

VENUS'S FIRE by Jamie Gossard brightened up my UF bed quite a bit. It's not technically a UF, just narrow petaled.



STEALTH BOMBER had more relaxed pleats today.

MUTTON JADE had its ffo today. Guess it doesn't know it's supposed to be a late bloomer.

ELEGANT CANDY, an oldie but goodie, looked especially pretty today.

My seedling (Comanche Magic X Never Been Kissed) had a much improved third flower today.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Good for you getting all that Double Scaping. I know I got lots of it last year when we had that crazy early bloom. I even got thriple scapes on some. Great pictures as usual and ELEGANT CANDY looks especially elegant. I am torn for a favorite between WESTBOURNE GOOD OLD DAYS and METALLIC BLUE EYES. Both look fabulous and the picture of METALLIC BLUE EYES is just stunning. Great daylilies today.

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There have been a lot of double scapes this year, and I love them! Your beautiful clump of Moonlit Masquerade catches my eys. Hillbilly heart is very pretty, and so is Westbourn's Good Old Days and Stealth Bomber. I really like the way your seedling is doing, and Metallic Blue eyes is beautiful, but Yes, MM gets my vote today.

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Love WESTBOURNE GOOD OLD DAYS, but I think I love your seedling even more. I'm learning that I like bitones, I think the light sepals serve the same purpose as the mat within a picture frame, or using artemsia or dusty miller in a flower bed. Your seedling has an appealing freshness about it.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Ok, I like quilling so AV is my pick today. I have a few rebloom scapes and also a lot that hasn't bloomed yet! I love the color of your seedling. I wonder why I never use Comanche Magic...Hmmmm!! Ellie

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juliet11(z7 MD)

Great clump shots! Your Elegant Candy is very pretty - it's so pink - it's always been peach when I've seen it. I think I may need Westbourne Good Ol Days. I love bicolors and plants that double scape. These daylilies usually double scape for me: Ballerina on Ice, Ferengi Gold, Fan Club and Stenciled Impressions.


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shive(6b TN)

Juliet - It's good to see you posting again. Elegant Candy starts out pink in the mornings, and sometimes takes on peachy tones by the evening. When I first got it, it looked very peachy. But after it settled in, it looked more of a true pink.


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Nancy zone 6

Those clump shots are stunning, a great picture of Moonlit Masquerade.
I have 3 favorite daylilies here though: WESTBOURNE GOOD OLD DAYS, METALLIC BLUE EYES & STEALTH BOMBER.

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Debra, Beautiful clump shots, but I think my favorite photo today is STEALTH BOMBER. I don't have any pleated daylilies. Hmmm...

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Beautiful photos I really like Good Old Days and your seedling I wish my seedlings looked as good.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

All the clump shots are great! I don't know what color Genie in a Bottle is supposed to be, but I love the way it looks in this picture. My favorite though is Stealth Bomber.

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casey261(6B/7A NoVA)

I just commented I think it was yesterday on someone else's thread how much I liked Elegant Candy, and I think I like your pic of it even better.

The clump of Moonlit Masquerade is to die for.

Still love the colors on that little seedling, and it does seem the form has improved. Nice.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Metallic Blue Eyes is really nice looking and those clumps make me wish I had more large clumps. What a catch 22-fast increasers = large clumps = dividing sooner.


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shive(6b TN)

Vickie - You are right about those fast increasers. Moonlit Masquerade is one I've divided several times. Most of my daylilies, I've never had to divide though. Dominic and Autumn Wood are two that have made large clumps and have almost stopped blooming. So I'll have to divide those later this year.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!! What a bunch of beauties you have here.I love them all, but my Favorite of them is GOOD OLD DAYS,Its gorgeous. Course, Moonlit Masquerade is a beauty, too/ WOW.


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Wow, lots of double scaping so far! Love the clump shots, and all the daylilies are pretty!
I like bicolors and bitones so my very favorites are W. Good Old Days and your seedling! My Elegant Candy is usually the color of sepals on yours, I like its bitoned look in your garden.

    Bookmark   June 14, 2011 at 12:53PM
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