Possibly New Fig Verity? Help ID It =)

MohammadLawatiSeptember 5, 2013

Found this growing wildly possibly from a seed or something...
I took a branch from it hopefully it will root and grow so I can see what type of fruit it can produce.

Here is what I cut:

Here are the new leaves:

This is the sap coming out of the leaves I cut:

Here is the strange leaf:

So, What do you think the verity is?
I will be trying to grow this into a bush, Hopefully it doesn't die on me.
Any Idea on this?
It looks like a fig... but what type?

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I do not believe thats a fig plant although could be in the ficus family which there are many.

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I see, I thought it has all the qualities of a fig...
I am trying to plant it now. Looking forward to see what it has to return me with ;)

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The pattern of the leave does not resemble a fig leaf!
My fig leaves do not have horizontal strips on them!

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Try: Ficus religiosa


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