What plums taste better pembina vs brookred vs brookgold

mattpfSeptember 3, 2012

Any body know from experience what plum taste better. From online reviews Brookgold seems to be best tasting of these 3 but every site says something different. Would love to hear all your inputs.

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I have Pembina...it doesn't produce very well because I only have the one tree. My neighbour who moved away was supposed to have planted the other tree in her yard, but it didn't happen. For some reason or another, this tree does get pollinated in the Spring, most of it aborts and I am left with a handful of plums every year. These are really sweet and flavourful. The only problem is the thick skins and they have a fairly loose texture...don't think you can bake or make preserves with this one. Any suggestions for a companion plum that would flower at the same time?

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Pembina is a good-sized plum for the prairies, about golf-ball sized. I find the flesh very sweet but the skin is rather sour so I don't eat the skin. I only got a handful of plums from the tree until I grafted on two branches of "Perfection plum", which instantly turned production into hundreds of plums each year, last year it was around 500 plums, this year the hail messed them up so I'm just letting them fall and not using them.

Brook Red is supposed to be another good pollinator and that's what I originally planted to cross-pollinate but the tree had been mislabelled and only produced small yellow plums that weren't very good and it also bloomed too early to be an effective pollinator so I removed that dud tree.

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Has anybody tasted the brooks varieties ?
I've tried pembina and they are real good fresh eating .

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mattpf ... Brook Red is much like Pembina, though the skin doesn't have the sourness factor as Don mentioned, for it is tart enough to make many people shudder. I have selected Brook Red over Pembina and have acquired a native plum that I've been told should make for a good pollinator.

Brook Gold is a favorable small plum that falls to the ground when ripe.


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