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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)August 14, 2011

Yesterday at Wal Mart my husband and I were killing time and decided to see what plants they had on sale. It's "sell it or throw it in the bin" time here. We found these....

Clearly identified as Joe Pye Weed. Clearly not Joe Pye Weed. Rather, Autumn Joy Sedum. Entire shelf of them mislabeled. "Well, it looks like that flower." NOT!


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Makes one wonder HOW that can even happen!? Mislabeled by the grower to begin with? Or did they show up without labels and it was up to the Walmart workers to put the right label in place? So funny!

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this happened to me after I was first married and didn't know everything about plants. I went and purchased quite a few tomato plants after awhile I said to my husband" I never knew that tomatoes had red flowers". He went and looked well.someone had wrong labels on them I had a nice row of Salvia. I will never forget that learning lesson. I am now 80 and married over 50 years.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Finchelover ~ Well obviously your husband wasn't mislabled! :)

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