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craftycMarch 20, 2010

Have a chain link fence I want to plant a hedge along for 20-30 feet. Have lousy soil and an equally lousy view beyond the fence!!!.....does anyone have a suggestion for a fast growing, maybe 10-12 foot high, cold resistant hedge planting? Need mostly to block out the "view" of the neighbors mildewed storage shed!!

Thanks for any suggestions...

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

See the 3/18 post below on "Privacy Screens".

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You didn't specify if it was sun or shade.

If you have at least a decent amount of sun in that location.
Bambusa multiplex would be great for that. Mine didn't drop a single leaf from the cold this winter,we hit 27 F.

Podocarpus would work good as well,but it will need trimming
it maintain as a hedge.

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Thanks for the replies...I did go and check the 3/18 thread...I'm not sure I want anything quite as high as bamboo will go!! It is in pretty much full sun, and like I mentioned, pretty lousy soil conditions. I have tried a few lower plants back there but between the soil and the cold last winter nothing has survived (cocoplum, a foxtail palm, firebush, ) and am ready to plant something in there that hopefully will last!! Low maintenance, cold hardy, and full!!! Will do some research on the ones you mentioned, Stonecrabber, thanks!!!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I would second the recommendation for Bambusa multiplex perhaps intermingled with Bambusa multiplex alphonse karr which is a yellow culmed variety. Two green multiplex followed by a alphonse karr is a great effect and you can hedge it to whatever height you want. It will get you a fast screen and because it is a clumping bamboo it will stay where you put it. Once hedged a culm will not grow any taller so trimming would just be a yearly event to trim the new culms. Not to mention a free lifetime supply of garden stakes:)

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Where are you located and what makes the soil so crappy(Clay, sand etc)?.. First thought was Red Cedars, or tradional hedge like Vibrumun odortissimum or Eleagnus......

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Please take a look at these ; the Leyland Cypress and The Arizona Cypress. I believe that either would make a great privacy fence.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I have property about 300ft by 300 ft and have been trying to hedge it in.We started with awabuki for shade and green buttonwood for sunny and dry.They both did ok but I lost ALOT of awabukis to wet feet. We filled in with a few Eugenias and atoppers etc. I must say those Eugenias (bought at Rock City's Orphan sale) Have filled in the best and given the most privacy.The buttonwood while tall are quite sparse and I still see the neighbors,,not so where the Eugenias are. The best thing if you have space is a few of everything and maybe DOUBLE them(one in front of the other)also if they get sparse below and full on top,I have seen jasmine totally cover a chain link and make it look nice and green.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Wax Myrtle tolerates drought, flood, cold, provides berries for wildlife.


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Thank you all for the suggestions, replies and ideas! I am in N. Ft. Myers, (inland area) ... I have lots of researching to do as to which look I want to go for. Whatever it is must be cold tolerant...we can get a frost in our back yard when the people across the street don't! Just lucky I guess. It might be easier to just ask the lady who owns the mildewed storage shed if we could paint it for her! I see in Sunday's paper that there is a bamboo nursery in Punta Gorda...may have to go up there and take a look around. The Wax Myrtle also sounds intriguing...pretty tolerant of a variety of conditions...Thanks again for your me a jumping off point.

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