pindo palm crownshaft

carol44March 18, 2014

I have a one year old pindo palm whose crownshaft appears to be dead from the extreme cold this winter here in the panhandle. Will it grown a new one or should I consider it a goner and dig it up?

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Pindo palms only have a single growing point. If that point dies the entire palm is dead. Try pulling on the spear (the unopened new leaf). If it comes out easily the palm is probably dead. You can try pouring hydrogen peroxide inside the crown and hope for the best. If the new spear is firm when you pull thats a good sign. Use a sharpie to draw a line on the spear and an existing leaf. If the palm is still alive the spear will grow and the marks will separate. The palm is so young it doesn't sound good but pindos are tough so you never know.

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Thank you for the info. I do believe the palm is dead as the spear came out easily and was quite mushy at the base. So sad. It was my first Pindo.

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