Fig Spoilage from Fermentation?

berrysalesmanSeptember 24, 2012

I have twelve young Brunswick fig trees that have been producing large amounts of figs over the last 3 years. From mid-August to mid-September I sell these figs at good prices at a farmers market in Northern Virginia where they are something of a rarity. I do my best to produce tasty good-looking figs organically. Brunswick figs, unfortunately, split badly and suffer other bad effects in rainy weather. Over recent weeks this area has experienced frequent night-time showers which have damaged my figs in an unfamiliar way. With these showers it appears the eyes of my figs have opened a little, and allowed insects to enter the fruit and initiate softening around the eye. The softening spreads and makes the figs unsellable. The softening appears to be fermentation, judging by the smell. A knowledgeable friend suggested the entering insects are bringing a wild yeast into the fruit causing the fermentation. I wonder if others have experienced this problem. My friend�s explanation sounds plausible but with so little local knowledge of figs available, I come to the large community of East Coast fig producers seeking help. Comments anyone?

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any fig varieties that have an open eye, small or large, will go bad during wet rainy weather when water gets into the eye.

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If I am in your place I gather the figs and dry it upto save the day.

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