? For Herman about Sicilian Thumbs

giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)September 14, 2010

Is this what you mean by 5 lobes and thumbs might be a Sicilian possibly from Etna area? These figs are averaging 24-26 grams some smaller at 22 grams

Thanks in advance

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Absolutelly That fig type,is the Mount Ethna ,mountain fig type,that shepperds find at high altitudes,growing in the wild.
A whole group of figs is related to this mountain fig,the most famous Hardy Chicago.
Of course cousins of this fig are found far away in Porutgal,as Black portughese,and in France as Marseilles black(with larger fruits),also Gino's fig has smaller fruits with more intense flavor,and more sugar.
Sal Gene,has lighter color and more round,etc.
These figs are all cold resistant and take the rain very well.
I am not saying they are identical,but I would say that all are related,and all makes wonderfull cultivars in adverce rainy,cold winter climates.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Thanks Again Herman for your insight. I guess in a season or two I should have an idea if in fact it is a Hardy Chicago or a possible strain of Sal(Gene). I believe this tree came from Linguaglossa (tongue of lava) which is a province of Catania Sicily.
You are correct in it having a tight closed eye that resists rain very well as it has been through the test here in Fl. This tree was being grown in zone 6a NY and did well

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

The bottom parts of the leaf looks like a pair of cowboy boots standing heel to heel.


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Is this your unknown black?


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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

JD, Yes

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