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justjohn(8 AR/LA Stateline)September 12, 2011

Once I asked and got some fig recs from this forum. I'd like to know what figs could be grown here that cold wouldn't knock them down to the ground, since they will be growing in an open orchard and exposed to all the elements of sun and wind. I live near Shreveport, LA. Thanks!

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

John, I don't know what recommendations you got before or did you ever plant any, but a large variety of figs should be able to survive the winters of north La. The only thing I would recommend is that for the first and maybe the second year you give them some protection from the cold dry wind. By the third year they should be ready to take on mother nature.

By the way, I checked out your "page" and like the looks of your orchard. Nicely done.


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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

John, I did a back search on which trees were recommended to you. I saw that my friends Dan, Dennis, Noss all had some excellent recommendation. Just don't order any from Willis Nursery. There are many other reputable nurseries around.

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I "imported" some figs trees, retailed from a west-coast nursery. Their trees were supplied by a very well recognized west-coast wholesaler, who grows all kinds of fruit trees. When I opened the packing box, I knew at once that the trees were shipped with, and infected by, Fig Mosaic Virus. The box, trees, and all, went into the garbage unpacked...and I received credit for the purchase. Happy ending. Amen, .... but I lost about a month's worth of growing time.

I read somewhere on this forum that west coast figs are being shipped infected with FMV. True? Caveat emptor!


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Bronx, yes it's true. But it is difficult to get plants w/o fmv. Even east coast sellers like edible landscaping and most others sell figs with fmv. My take is it is only an issue for certain varieties like Ischia black and col de dame white and a few others. Still I strive to attain fmv free plants when possible.

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justjohn(8 AR/LA Stateline)

Thanks Gene, guess I'll go with what Dan, Dennis and Noss rec'd. I was just a little concerned after reading some older posts about cold killing back fig trees. I see huge fig trees around these parts that cold hasn't bothered and want the same sized trees. Lucky you, I love visiting South Louisiana...beautiful landscape and great cajun food!

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

John, if you're ever in my neighborhood let me know. I'd like to meet up with ya. You say you love to come South, well I like to go North. I have a daughter in Bossier and a bunch of fishing friends up that way. We usually go up to Farmerville to fish D'arbonne in November. We have a fishing gathering at the state park and fish the weekend. I've been told by my friends of some very nice trees in your neck of the woods. I haven't seen then myself, but my friends can testify to it.

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justjohn(8 AR/LA Stateline)

Gene, the crappie (sac-a-lait) must be plentiful at D'Arbonne. I see ya'll fishing for them around the bridges off the Ruston hiway. My job takes me by there a lot, but nothing is any better than spec n' redfishing in the marsh. Rigolets, Golden Meadow, Cocodrie, Cypremort Point, Calcasieu (Big Lake)...I've fished them all many times. Hands down, ya'll are blessed more so than us northern Yankees up here (was told by a cajun friend, anyone above Hiway US 90 was a yankee). And you can grow cumquats and the orange satsumas down your way. Hope this year is a box filler!

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Just remember some of the most rare and hard to get figs are supplied by us Yankees. We take notes.

Sorry you haven't gotten over the Civil War. Someone had to get there rears kicked.

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I did not mean to offend any of my Southern friends with my comment on the last post.
If anyone to offense, please accept my sincere apology.

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

John, I've heard that before but I know better. I have cajun friends in North La. and further. One in particular is Cajun Dave in Shreveport. One hell of a Crappie fisherman.

Rafed you are so right, the north won the war but.............
And you're right, y'all got some awesome fig sources but......
You're a real nice guy but....................................

And John is right, we can grow cumquats, satsuma and all sorts of citrus, plus we have crawfish by the sacks and jambalya by the pot full. Where else you're gonna find a fine sausage and chicken gumbo. I guess the only point I'm making is I'm glad I live here and not there.
Blessings to all,

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I tried so desperate to post another thread the system kept rejecting me.

I somehow miss read justjohns thread. I missed a couple words and I took it all out of context. I thought he was taking a shot at us and turns out he wasn't.

For that I feel like an idiot and I'm sorry to you and justjohn and everone else.

You know well there have been a couple shots at us recently and I didn't say anything. I should have held back today as well and I didn't.

Hope this incident does not reflect my true image.

I have no excuse for my actions and take full responsibility. I blame nobody but myself.

To all offended and including to justjohn,

I am very sorry.


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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Rafed no offense taken. If we would have won the war we would have given all of it back except the SEC states anyway.

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justjohn(8 AR/LA Stateline)


Gene, I like that! Geaux Tigers!!
Rafed, you're cool, no need to apologise. It's an affectionate inside joke among us born and raised Louisianians. The border line used to be Alexandria, but seems to get lower over the years. ;-)

That gumbo sounds good and the crawfish....I dream about them!

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