Shive's Friday Flowers Part II

shive(6b TN)June 24, 2011













Another self-seeded rudbeckia


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I love Victorian Lace but it doesn't look that good in my garden.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well now, don't know which was better part one or part two as both are just stunning. You have the prettiest volunter rudbeckias. Some with patterns, some without. All very pretty. INCA PRINCE is my favorite with BLUE-EYED BUTTERFLY as beautiful runner up.

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Very pretty Debra. I think I like Grape Twizzler, but I really like Home Wrecker and Inca Prince too.

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carefreeplants_2008(7a Northern Virginia)

the clump blooms of Grape Twizzler is definitely a winner!


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bigack(z6 WV)

Eye on a string. And Blue eyed Butterfly catch my eye, but love them all!

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Stunning all of them, Blue Eyed Butterfly and Inca Prince after much thought would be my favorites but it was really hard to decide.

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casey261(6B/7A NoVA)

The WALKING IN BEAUTY picture is interesting. The bottom bloom looks much whiter than the top 2. Are they all 3 WIB? I would guess so, because they look so similar otherwise, but it is interesting how much variation there can be even in the same garden on the same day.


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Cindy zone 6a

Great pictures. Blue Eyed Butterfly takes the top prize for me, I just love that daylily. PGB is also nice.

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Nancy zone 6

Great photo of Blue Eyed B'fly! Gorgeous spiders too, esp Eye on a String.

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wren_garden(zone 5b/6)

All so beautiful. In my garden I would love to see Blue Eyed Butterfly put next to my Victorian Lace. Now if you could teach my Victorian Lace to look like yours I'd be thrilled. What to do feed your babies?

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Earth Music is sooo vigorous. Blue-Eyed Butterfly seems to get raves from a lot of zones.

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shive(6b TN)

Edward - I've seen your photos of Victorian Lace, and they always look beautiful. Mine doesn't get full sun, so I don't get the best bud count possible. But the foliage is some of the best in the garden this year, so I count myself lucky.

Rita - I consider myself lucky to have so many volunteer rudbeckias this year. That one may actually be two plants that have grown together since it seems to have both plan and eyed flowers. They really brighten the place up, and keep blooming for a few weeks after the daylilies are done.

Kay - Thanks! I love all three of those, and pretty much everything else that's blooming. LOL

Ben - Grape Twizzler is having a tremendous season. I'm very pleased with it.

Bigack - I notice the two you picked were trios. Everything's better in threes, I think.

Linda - I'm not usually drawn to the hot colors, but Inca Prince always grabs me. Blue-Eyed Butterfly is one of Lambertson's best.

Casey - You are right about the Walking In Beauty triplets. The lower one is not identical in color to the other two. I suspect that fan either gets less water, or more sun, or both, than the fans of the other two.

Cindy and Nancy G. - Blue-Eyed Butterfly remains one of my top three favorite Lambertsons, even though it no longer reblooms where I have it planted. I just love that triangular pattern on the eye!

Wren-Garden - I hate to say this, but the daylilies in the garden where Victorian Lace is growing didn't get any fertilizer last fall or this spring. I'm only "feeding" them hose water and rain water.

Mantis - Yes, Earth Music is vigorous, even when it's planted in part shade. My neighbor's trees and shrubs are shading mine so much I didn't know if it would bloom at all. But it's putting on a pretty good show. It doesn't have the branching and buds it did before the cherry tree went in on the other side of the fence, but it's hanging in there.


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More beauties, Blue Eyed Butterfly followed up by EYE ON A STRING for me.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Oh My DEBRA. part two is a beautiful as part 1 was, I really love VICTORIAN LACE. Mine bloomed very good last spring, but have only seen one bloom this year,and the plant looks terrible,I need to dig it back up and put it back in a pot.ROBES FOR A QUEEN is just gorgeous. Now your PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY is beautiful.I could never get a decent picture of mine for some reason.EARTH MUSIC is gorgeous, too. and I always love to see LAST SNOWFLAKE, I just love that one. I have never cared for RUDBECKIA, but those are really pretty.I like these alot.


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Victorian Lace is one of my very favorite. It's gorgeous and did well in my garden this year. Have to get BEB....So pretty . Loved the pictures!!!!!! Just in love with daylilies. Only have 70 some. A great hobby, but just enjoy their beauty. Thanks so much.....Dea

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How did I miss this post? Beautiful blooms, Debra! I especially like the lovely photo of Palace Garden Beauty. Also, Black Falcon Ritual and Eye on a String are very lovely. So Many beauties. Victorian Lace with Robes for the Queen is lovely, and I always love to see Inca Prince.


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I missed this post, too, but thank goodness I found it!! How can I pick favorites when they all look terrific? Your first photo is such a grabber, sets us up for the rest. I guess I will have to mention nearly all of them ha, ha, like Earth Music, Inca Prince, Grape Twizzler, Eye On a String, Home Wrecker (crazy name) and Black Falcon Ritual, but Blue Eyed Butterfly will have to be at the top this time. Avedon

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Maryl zone 7a

Your photography is some of the best I've seen. All your daylilies look picture perfect. As a rule I don't care for unusual forms, but how can anyone not love your shot of Grape Twizzler. It just glows. Amazing.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

LOL, I was scrolling up and down the forum listing and wondering where is Part I???? Then I realized, this is a post from last year. :O.

So I'll ask this question....How many of these do you still have this year Debra?


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shive(6b TN)

Thanks Dea!

Julia - I think you are the only one who realized this was a post from last year that someone bumped up. I still have all of these, but none of them are blooming now.


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Maryl zone 7a

Last year? How Funny no one noticed it until now. After suffering through this heat wave here I must admit I was somewhat envious of how fresh and green your daylily foliage looked and how full and lush the blooms were for August. The ones I have that are trying to bloom now, barely open up their faces in the 105-110 degree heat. Makes more sense in June now that I'm aware of it. Regardless of the year however they are all beautiful and my previous post stands...Maryl

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