Help ID my fig

staceychevSeptember 2, 2013

For some reason, on this last day before I return to school as a teacher, I've decided to spend my time obsessing over the fact that I don't know what kind of fig tree I have. (Perhaps it's because it's currently providing me with an embarrassment of riches: I've got between 4 and 5 dozen in the fridge right now, and a similar amount ripening within the next week or ten days.)

It's a very happy tree--it was a couple of feet tall when we bought the house 6.5 years ago, and husband cut it to the ground. It has rebounded, and is currently about 10 feet tall. We prune it every year, mostly because it's right by the house/driveway, but also to try to keep the fruit at a decent picking height.

The fruit splits easily on the ends, especially with the rain. The pictures I've included are of a fig that's very ripe, and on the larger end of the spectrum--some fruit the tree produces is slightly smaller. I'm no expert on fig flavor, but I'd describe it as not overly sweet, with a nice champagne edge to it. It's a very bright and fresh flavor.

(OK--I can't get all of the photos to link. Sorry for sending you out to the Photobucket album.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery Fig Tree

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YOUR FIG IS VIOLETTE DE Bordeaux,no mistery here.
A very old cultivar,known for making super tasty figs when ripening under sunny conditions,and ,not necessary best while ripening under rainy conditions

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