Is this the lily Stargazer?

rosefollyAugust 20, 2010

I originally posted this on the Lily Forum, but got no response. It does not seem to be a very active forum, perhaps too specialized to get a lot of traffic. But I always get knowledgeable responses when I post questions here, so I thought I'd try. After all, what is a cottage garden without a few lilies?

I've lost track of what lilies I have in my garden, and am on a mission to identify those that have survived gopher onslaughts. Most of the remaining lilies are now planted in gopher cages, but I've lost track of what is what. Over the years I've bought lilies from several sources, among them B&D, the Lily Garden, and my favorite Old House Gardens.

Right now a lily is blooming in my garden that looks an awful lot like the popular lily Stargazer. Now it could actually be Stargazer. I planted it once, though I don't recall ever seeing it bloom, and I lost track of where it was. It's about the right height (3 feet), and this is the right time for it to be blooming, though I would expect it to have a stronger fragrance. This lily has a fragrance, but it is moderate to my nose. Could be my nose. The problem is that I understand that the characteristic feature of Stargazer is that the bloom faces upward. These all face outward, not upward.

Could it still be Stargazer?

Thanks --


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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

hmm, i find the fragrance of mine extra strong at night and just noticable in the day, and mine face outward not upward, unless a bud below forces the one above up. Sounds like it to me! Do you notice a difference in nite time scent?
I love mine and plan on planting more, i accidentally planted mine in too much shade and they still did great though theyre a little short. My best friend has a yellow oriental lily that was out of this world with fragrance. Ive read some neat things about how easy it is to propogate lilies from leaf pullings , i want to try with hers.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Does your lily look like the Stargazer in this link? If it does and the color, spot pattern and pollen color look the same as yours in all probability it is. If it doesn't the only thing I can suggest is to look at the catalogs and list of the places you've bought lilies, maybe names will jog your memory (that's what I do) if a name seems familiar my good friend Google is alway ready to lend a hand :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Stargazer

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Mine looks exactly like the Stargazer lily as illustrated here and elsewhere, from the contrasting edging to the dark red speckles to the green star at the heart. My concern is that it does not face upwards at all, facing outwards and even just a bit down. I recently read Amy Stewart's book Flower Confidential. In it she has a chapter abut the breeding of the Stargazer lily, which is described as facing upwards. Maybe mine is just lazy, but it does give me some concern.


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Okay, I finally figured it out. Apparently 'Stargazer' was bred from Lilium speciosum rubrum, the Rubrum Lily. Yes, I planted that, too. They look very similar except that Rubrum lilies don't face upwards.

Mystery solved.


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