brug or datura?

marricgardensOctober 22, 2013

I grew these from seed this year and grew them in pots. I've read that datura flowers point up and brugs point down. My plants did both. I did read on another forum that another way to tell was by the seed pods, either spiny or dimpled. Mine were dimpled. Anyway, they have been identified as daturas. This was my first year growing them and would now like to get some different colors, I was hoping to get one of the coral colored ones. Anyone know of a good source where I can get seeds? Marg

This one doubled sometimes.

This is a triple yellow.

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Pudge 2b

That yellow one is sure pretty. I've grown the double purple as in your 1st photo - took a while to get going but once it did it really pushed out the blooms. I'm pretty sure I got that seed from William Dam. I wish I had the room and growing conditions in my house to grow and enjoy them indoors.

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I've looked in various catalogues here but all I can find are the purple, yellow and white ones. I was hoping to get some of the pink/coral colored ones. Marg

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