-2C -- summer's gone

ljpother(3a)October 1, 2009

My thermometer is reporting -2C and there is frost on the lawn. I got my geraniums and four 0'clocks into the greenhouse which is showing 1C. I forgot about my amaryllis; most are buried, but one is leafing out.

Last year I left the geraniums until after the frost -- I just remembered my three foot high geranium is still outside :( -- and I lost most of the pinks and whites.

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Hey it was -5 at my place this morning. Everything is crisp and I hope that includes the bugs etc.

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ljpother, glad you had mentioned geraniums, I had gotten a real nice balcony type that I had planted directly in the ground and indeed forgot to dig and bring it in .... it's still looking okay and I'll get to it today :)


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Minus 10C at International Airport this morning...do you buy it?

>>I hope that includes the bugs etc.Yes, but not your bees, wrapping them soon is my next step.
Wasp were flying still in full force today, cleaning out my honey supers.
Picked my last apples out on Acreage but have a tree here in Beaumont
[Collet] still hanging on good, and some pears.


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My big geranium is fine, now I have to remember to bring it in. It's at least three years old and I'm going to have to trim it. However, it's hard to single out a branch for sacrifice; maybe I'll decide when I need cuttings for new starts. :)

I think I found most of my amaryllis bulbs. I had them in leaves over a newspaper mulch and they really didn't develop roots this year. These usually bloom shortly after I bring them in and pot them up. A half dozen amaryllis blooming in the same pot is really nice.

The green tomatoes didn't mind the frost; but, the cherries and ripe tomatoes are kind of sticky.

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