Observations From This Growing Season

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)October 16, 2011

Just a few things I noticed this year:

The billions of ants I had last year must have moved.

There were no aphids.

I didn't see even one tent caterpillar.

The cardboard/grass clippings I put down two years ago stopped the weeds again.

Wasps were almost non-existant.

I think I had more bees than last year.

My roses bloomed less than last year.

Corn gluten in the spring seemed to have worked to keep down the dandelions.

I discovered I really like coreopsis and zinnias.

It was my best year yet for lilac blooms.

It appears I'm going to be growing white yarrow in my yard whether I like it or not =:(

Double digging rock hard soil that's been tromped on for 40 years is hard work, but doable.

What has everyone else observed this year?

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

Roses did not do well in my garden.
There were lots of ladybugs so I did not see aphids.
Digging just ordinary one shovel deep is onerous work.
There are too many tree roots here for double digging!
Most things came along later than usual.
We had more frost free days than usual.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Well, lets see.......

I have not overcome my addiction to purchasing too many flowers at once

Lots of rain makes for a very lush garden

My neighbours sump pump does not have an off switch

My husband is too old to dig any more gardens for me

I can't do what I could 2 years ago

I will stick with Sungold cherry tomatoes for another year at least

All the ants moved from Lynn's yard to mine

I finally saw a slug up close and personal

Aphids like thistles as well as everything else that is growing in the yard

All my peonies bloomed!

Grass will grow back where the dogs have trampled it with enough water

Malva seeds will grow after 2 years of dormancy

I'm not the only addict on the GW

I could wait a little longer before I pull the tags from new irises......

But mostly, that life in the garden goes on whether I am a part of it or not..........


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

- It was really hot and dry.
- I have a single white wave petunia that was never planted and has volunteered 2 years in a row.
- Bunnies eat phlox.
- Icelandic Poppy seeds can sprout several years after they were planted.
- I like hostas after all. A lot.
- July and August are more fun if the grass dries up and turns brown and I don't have to mow it.
- My new brick patio cost 1/3 as much as my first house. (hyperventilate)
- Nobody's getting anything for Xmas except a brick patio.

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All the wasps were in my backyard! It was a hidden blessing, because these paper wasps were keeping down the pests and also keeping the yellowjackets and hornets away.

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Now I know where all my ants and wasps went, LOL !

Anyone interested in my supply of voles? You can have them for free !!

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some well written lines here folks

Ginny I know what you mean I as well am getting slow and weary but do love being part of the seasons and the work.

I love my now three year old 40 foot row of Rose of Sharon of various colours Eye catching for passerbys on the street and take no care

I have finally managed a successful pond. I leave it alone. Let the plants , water lilies and another blue flowering plant that I forget the name of naturalize. And this year they have been terrific Water lilies bloomed all summer and into fall . Goldfish survived even a couple of attacks from Herons. Guess they can hide quite well
It is not a big pond, just a back yard pond. I didn't clean it or do a thing. I have planted some neat perennial tall plants around it and they have matured so nicely it really looks as though it has always been there. I have a pump in it to circulate the water not filter it and have taken that out for winter

My tropical s in large potsw are yet outside to bring in still waiting a frost to sort of knock them down a bit, including Dahlias and Cannas
this year I have a downstairs tennant, a young couple, who say they will bring the large pots in for me, which is a for sure blessing as they are darn heavy to move.

Had my driveway re surfaced looks good and sets of the entire front yard, even more so.
My Hydrangeas where so nice and still look good with the big heads now turning fall like. Love Hydrangeas. I think they are one of the best plants to grow, for me.
I think I should have less roses, as they are to much work and put Hydrangeas and Japanese tree Peonies in their place But one just hates to do away with roses. So they are yet safe for another year.

Love my yard, and gardens which are now five years in the making. I have more knowledge and time now to work on ideas and have created quite a special place that I treasure.
Do not like it that now, with all the knowledge and time, I am running out of all the energy I used to have.

I will be heading down to Florida and my gardens there, which I hear are overgrown as there has been a lot of rain. I hope I can tidy it all up or perhaps find someone to help.
I do have a man who is to take care of the garden to some degree while I am up north but apparently he has not done much of a job this year.

Lord give me strength, I say to do all that needs doing

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