Potting and Pruning advise needed

tyler_j(6a)September 14, 2012


Last year I planted a fig in the ground in my greenhouse in late summer. The growth died overwinter I assume because of not being protected enough from the cold. It regrew from the ground this spring and there are 3 shoots that are between 5 and 6 feet tall. One of them has 2 figs about the size of a large marble. It looks like there are others above them just starting. I want to pot this fig so I can bring it into a cold room overwinter.

Should I wait until it goes dormant?? I would really like to see what type of figs these are and wondered if I could pot it now and put it in a south facing room with lots of light. Would the figs ripen indoors?? I assume I need another month or 2 for them to ripen.

How should I prune this plant considering it will be potted? Should I only leave 1 trunk or leave all 3? Should I prune it now above where the figs are (about 3 feet from the ground)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Figs take about 80 days from tiny figlets to full ripe stage. You have many options.

If you have a great, full-sun location, I would try "unplugging" the tree from the ground, and growing it over the winter, inside. Disturb the roots as little as possible, and use a large pot to contain the many roots. Also pinch out all the terminal buds so that all the energy is shunted into ripening the existing figs. A few ripe figs are better than many unripe figs. I'd pinch off all the really tiny figlets, and leave only the larger figs on to develop.

You can train the fig with a single-stem...or, multi-stems. You decide how you want this fig to look. Storing the fig tree in a cool area is also a good option. Come Spring, you could move the small tree into your very sunny area, and get a head start on the coming season. When inside temps. match outside NIGHT temps. the tree could go back outside, in bright light, and no direct sun for at least two-three weeks. Then, it will be able to take more, and more sun. You could place the tree, still in a container, in-ground, and let it grow that way until fall, then spade trim all the roots growing from the container drainage holes, and unplug the container for cool storage once again.

I hope this may give you some ideas.


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Thanks for the tips Frank!

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