Chamaecyparis thyoides var. henryae in habitat

salicaceae(z8b FL)November 30, 2012

Growing with longleaf pine (P. palustris) in the Florida panhandle.
From June 2007

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Always amazed at how much some FL scenes look like places in N. WI. albeit. very different undergrowth!


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salicaceae(z8b FL)

I know - sometimes I feel like I am back in Minnesota, until I see the saw palmettos or an armadillo. There is something about these areas that reminds me of the upper midwest though.

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blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)

fantastic photo I have a chamaecyparis henryae here very
rare in cultivation I like the bright green foliage very

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Taxonomically and ecologically, it is sufficiently distinct from typical White Cypress to deserve subspeciefic (rather than varietal) status, i.e. Chamaecyparis thyoides subsp. henryae. It was of course first described as a separate species (Chamaecyparis henryae), but isn't distinct enough for that.


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Sal, I'd forgotten your MN background. You do indeed then know whereof I speak! Last time I was in FL, I was frequently struck by the similarities between these two widely separated regions.

I'm going to be going to Fort Myers in a couple weeks. Any special recommendations for a worthy day trip to a natural area?


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