Snowmobiler goes through 'ICE'

twroszOctober 12, 2009

When we had heard this, we looked at one another and said " WHAT? " ... This person must NOT have been thinking at all! Firstly, there's a mere inch or so of snow out here in the Edmonton area and a skiff of ice on the ponds and around the edges of small lakes, Sadly, it's a recovery mission to find the body :(


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That doesn't surprise me. It makes me shake my head, but doesn't surprise me.It's a shame that people should be so stupid but it happens every spring and fall.

Last spring on a sunny day there were 30 ice fishermen stranded on a piece of ice in Lake Nippising. All 30 crossed a crack in the ice with water showing. They had put a board there for crossing over it. Did they not think that the sun would widen that crack like any sane person would. Apparently not. Like lemmings they crossed over it. I guess they thought there was safety in numbers.

There are warnings on TV in spring and fall, yet there is always some hot dogger who goes through the ice with a snowmobile. People like that will never learn.

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bloomorelse(Z4b NB Canada)

I saw that on the news, but just assumed that the driver had possibly made a wrong turn, maybe not knowing the area and had not really intended on driving on the shallow ice. I can't believe anyone would knowingly try to drive on a pond, river, etc at this time of year.

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They gave more details ... seems the guy would even skidoo across the lake in summer upon the open water, and also travelling on very thin wasn't something unusal for him, talk about a risk taker or what! Sadly, they said a nephew was also killed just weeks prior while riding an ATV, that accident occurring only miles from my place. I sure hope the young guy wasn't also being careless.

There's those adventure seekers that set off avalanches with their skidoos while performing what is called 'high marking' ... also, the ones that go off trail when skiing and then become lost, often with a tragic result. I'm no adventure junkie ... heck, I don't even like having to travel the hiways with our crazy fast paced Alberta drivers, those that whiz past you while yacking away on the cell phone or even text messaging .... gggrrrr! I set the cruise control and sit back and shake my head (and hands) at those that fly past me often doing a good 20 kms or more over the limit!


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Right on Terry!
>> seems the guy would even skidoo across the lake in summer upon the open water,I guess this would be safer than on ice, at least it's not as cold and you don't have to deal with ice sheets when going under?
There are always people who like to live on the edge, can't really help these guys!
My vote would be banning all activity like this, including high marking, who needs like this, get off your ATV
and do some physical work out, like cross country walking etc....I see so many obese on ATV.
I feel sorry for the out door's people without motor who gets robbed of the solitude.
Some countries don't allow these vehicles to the public..a good thing!


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Konrad, I agree with you, I always cringe when I hear the very LOUD motorcycles and ATVs that rip and roar up and down the road here and tear trails through the vegetation. Too bad these kids (and adults) don't instead ride a petal bike and actually get some good exericse out of it, but no, that's not a big enough thrill to them! We NEED regulation implemented upon these loud noise making machines, I don't know why the manufactures have been allowed get away with destroying the peace? I did hear it mentioned that the federal government is working on noise regulations, it's about time! ... I just hope it's actually acted upon!

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