Your success with hydrangeas ?

twroszOctober 15, 2010

Heck, let's have an updated hydrangea thread!

There are many hydrangea paniculata varieties capable of doing rather well on the prairies and plenty of new introductions of recent years. What are you having success with? My hydrangea 'Little Lamb' dies back somewhat, though blooms freely and 'Quick Fire' has been hardy almost to the tips and is already a substantial sized shrub, though had flowered rather sparsely this past summer. At Greenland Nursery in Sherwood Park, there's some very nice plantings of 'Limelight'.

What about hydrangea macrophylla 'Endless Summer'? ... I have bypassed this variety in favor of 'Early Sensation' and indeed the name is very fitting, as it blooms early in the season on new wood and is said to be a more reliable performer than 'Endless Summer'. My 'Early Sensation' is a potted specimen that shall later be planted near to the foundation of the house. This fall, I also picked up the new arborescens 'Annabelle' type called 'Incrediball'.

Here's my 'Little Lamb' ... really should be called 'Big Sheep'!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

The only hydrangea i have is Kyushu (or something like that). I bought it last summer. It died back close to the ground but grew a couple of feet over the summer. Right now it has what looks like buds on it, but they have never opened. It's conical like yours, Terry - i liked that and opted for it over other round-headed hydrangeas.

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Pudge 2b

Your Little Lamb is outstanding, Terry.

In 2008 I planted Pinky Winky and was pleased to see it wintered that year. The spring of 2010, however, was a different story and although the plant had green wood after winter, cold spring weather must have killed it and it never came back. :(

In 2009 I planted Limelight, in a different location but not really a sheltered spot. It survived winter and spring and it has about 5 blooms on it, despite our wet and cold, and then even wetter and colder summer.

I was going to pick up a Quick Fire this summer but I never found a good one to buy. Will be on the lookout next year, and obviously one has to try that Little Lamb :)

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Wow - beautiful hydrangea, and the smoke bush, sumac and tall red flowers (what ARE those?) make a great backdrop!! I only have a couple of small PeeGee's right now, and I love them. Might have to have a look around next year for that 'little' lamb :)

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Marcia, if Kyushu does not prove to be hardy for you, then do try Little lamb ...

Pudge, I have not grown Pinky Winky, as I've often seen it rated to zone 4, other times zone 3 ... so, thought I'd wait for the jury to come in on this one. Little Lamb is rather more attractive in bloom compared to Quick Fire ... though, QF begins to flower MUCH earlier in the season and repeats, so I think it'll keep a place in my garden.

Sheryll, glad you like the photo :) ... the smoke bush dies right back to the ground, though I've seen one locally that is apparently much more hardy and a specimen in Edmonton that is a good 6 ft tall, I must obtain cuttings! There's some selfsown amaranthus and lychnis coronaria in the photo also. You will not regret getting Little Lamb!


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I'll definitely keep a lookout for Little Lamb!

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