Willis Orchard Co.

hlyellSeptember 20, 2007

Anyone have any experience with this vendor? I believe they also do business under the name Pardise Palm Co. There was nothing at gardenwatch about Willis, but there were a couple of positive comments about Paradise Palm Co. I thought I'd ask because there are in somewhat close proximity to the infamous TyTy nursery. I spoke with the owner, Jason Willis, and he said he was not connected with TyTy in any way and wished they weren't located so close to him. Well, anyway...anyone done business with Willis? Thanks. Henry

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Nice to hear from you Henry, I have not heard good or bad, but glad to see you noticed their proximity to the notorious tyty.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Are they at the same location (address) as TyTy? Or are they the same as or at the same address as Aaron's Nursery?
See http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg02171859716.html

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glenn9643(z8 MS)

Hello again Henry,
I don't know anything about them but found their address on their mail in order form.

Willis Orchard Co
800 Hall Road
Moulrie, GA 31788

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For what it's worth - Tyty and Aaron's Nurseries' mailing addresses are about 6 and 9 miles WNW of Tifton, GA respectively on RT 62, Willis Orchard's mailing address is about 20 miles SW of Tifton on RT 319.

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Also for what it's worth, when I spoke with the owner his voice lowered in apparent disgust when I asked whether he had any connection with TyTy. Also, since I have prior experience with TyTy, I know that TyTy actually has a policy of not shipping figs until mid-October. In spite of it not being such a good idea, Willis ships year round. I took a chance, and late this afternoon two very nice looking well-developed plants arrived - a Black Jack and a Peter's Honey. I bought the "3 Gal." size, and the plants were very healthy with good well balanced branching. They were well over an inch in diameter at the base. The Black Jack had figs on it, and they were the right shape and color. That was my main problem with my experience with TyTy. I think they just go pick out a fig tree of the appropriate size, stick a tag on it with whatever variety name you ordered, and ship it - regardless of which variety it actually is. Four years ago I ordered a Green Ischau tree from them. It took it two years to produce fruit - purple fruit :) So, I phoned them, sent them pictures of the tree and the figs on the tree (their tag still on the tree). They sent me a replacement Green Ischau in Oct., 2005. It produced a bumper crop this year (for a young tree) of really good figs - also purple :) I have some pictures of these ripe figs, and I would like to have y'all take a shot at ID'ing them. I really liked them, and I believe this tree will be a real winner - whatever it is. I also have two trees I bought from TyTy that will likely produce their first fruit next year. They were sold as Kadota. However, the "hulls" at the opening distal buds and the tops of the leaf stems are a dark red color - highly indicative of a dark fig...haha...about a 99.9% chance they are NOT Kadota.

In spite of the direct denial of the owner, there are still some things that bother me a bit with regard to the possibility of Willis being a TyTy affiliate. They offer similer sizes of trees, and they use the term "fruiting size" associated with certain of their tree sizes. Even though I noticed TyTy no longer uses this term they used to. I noticed also that all of the varieties Willis sells are also (supposedly) offered by TyTy.

I took the chance because I wanted a Black Jack and somehow stumbled onto their website. When I phoned and found out the size of his 3 gallon tree I just took the plunge. I also let him sell me the Peter's Honey also because of the size. We shall see - probably next year - whether the Peter's Honey is legit.

As I was writing this I pulled up TyTy's web page. I noticed that TyTy has lowered their prices on figs a lot. Hopefully it's because their business has slowed - at least it would have if there is any justice in the mail order fig tree business :)


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Hmm lets see, two positive ratings on DG, both by users who signed up just to rate that place and within a day of each other. Neither users has any other activity on DG. So, that isn't very helpful.

Looking at their site, they say they are ex-employees of a big unnamed orchard known for bad customer service. Hmm I wonder who that is?

So, either they are ex-employees of TyTy who actually are trying to make a decent go of it in which case they deserve a shot, or its yet another variation on the old TyTy theme. It could even be ol TyTy saying "uncle", realizing they can't keep using their lawyers to keep their bad practices off the Internet, and so they'd better try to do it right this time.


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I am glad to see a healthy dose of (warranted) skepticism regarding affiliation between TyTy / Aarons and Willis Orchards / Paradise Palms. It is true that we are (unfortunately) very close to them, however I can offer 100% assurance that we are not affiliated with them at all.

Myself and 3 others who used to work at the previous nursery all eventually became disgusted with the overwhelming instructions of what to do regarding customers, that were FAR outside of the realm of respectful to those who were providing the lively hood for the owner of Ty Ty (many know the name well; Pat Malcolm). Several of his tactics which were to attract customers were such as the posting of false positive reviews on any sort of place which allowed them, by creating multiple usernames daily. This was an activity that occurred on Garden Watchdog here, as well as on Amazon's review system. Generally, every positive review that was there was posted was coordinated by Pat. On top of that, we as the employees who kept the business running were being treated just as poorly, with several other circumstances going on that essentially locked us into said job. Finally, enough was enough, and we left. The owner of Willis Orchards, Jason, actively desires to ensure the customer's happiness, which we are making our #1 goal, and also works to ensure that we as his employees are happy with our jobs as well.

I'm glad to have noted a large amount of activity and buzz about our two websites (especially since I, being the senior webmaster, am the one in charge of creation and maintenance of it), as well as some positive reviews both here on GardenWeb / Garden Watchdog, as well as through our Google Checkout system. The similarities which are noted between the text is due to the fact that, on both Ty Ty and Aarons, all of the product descriptions which were provided were written by myself and my two other co-workers who manage all of the computer oriented tasks. The little essential information was given, then we were told to "enhance" the text. It essentially came down to Pat's obsessing over the keywords and Google ranking, that the statement was made "We don't care about giving the customers information, we just want to put as many keywords in as possible. If the customers want information, they can call." Which, of course, was always followed up by the continual "Call by around 4 when will be here.", (normally, the person's whose name was given was non-existant) and the instructions that if the person was not wanting to buy a plant, but just ask information, that we were to get them off the phone as soon as possible, even if it meant hanging up on them.

If there are any questions or comments then please, by all means, feel free to contact any of us here at Willis Orchards / Paradise Palm through our email, orders [at] paradisepalmco [dot] com

Eric M.

P.S. - If there are any issues with the website, or general recommendations on how I can better it to make it easier to navigate, understand, or if you have any sort of feature you would like to see, I am always open for suggestions. An email to the same address above with attention to Eric is always welcome

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Eric, it is always nice when a nursury represents it self. I dont know of tyty ever doing that. Sorry if some of us are hostile or skeptical but some us have been burned by tyty. If you are a big fig enthusiast then by all means please post. You will find many of us really enjoy a good fig conversation!

Many of us have also high regard of a now closed nursery (PN) because of their excellent customer service and honesty.

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I am glad that our interaction with the community is well accepted.

It's completely normal for the hostility and skepticism, and the 4 of us who actively left to form Willis Orchards and Paradise Palms were openly expecting it, and prepared to try and do anything possible to prove to our customers and those who were generally curious that we are, in fact, not affiliated with Ty Ty or the likes. A fellow co-worker, Jeremy, was typing up a response as well, though he had to leave work before he could finish; that is probably coming tomorrow.

As for figs, I can't say I am a big enthusiast (Sorry!), as I am just a webmaster (yes yes, I admit it, I am a geek). I've tried some figs before, and enjoyed them, but thats as far as my knowledge of figs go, besides some of their names.

Eric M.

P.S. - Something that would be interesting to those who made mention about the proximity to Ty Ty/Aaron's is that Aaron's itself does not have a physical brick and mortar location, which is why when asked, customers were told that Aaron's was mail order only. Everything is shipped out from Ty Ty Nursery, and the only thing that is done with the Aaron's address was for returns to be shipped to the post office there (which is also checked once a month, if people were lucky).

(Also, if somebody does not mind explaining to me the way to properly reply with another follow up, I would appreciate it. I had to actively change the name of the subject, as it was rejecting my message)

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glenn9643(z8 MS)

(Also, if somebody does not mind explaining to me the way to properly reply with another follow up, I would appreciate it. I had to actively change the name of the subject, as it was rejecting my message)

I've found that multiple replies often require a change to the subject but not always...??? The reply does remain a part of the original thread though.

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I was shown this thread by my coworker and thought I would throw a post in here to show that we're not evil, nor are we TyTy Nursery.

I'll address every topic as best I can:

Are Willis Orchards and Paradise Palms owned by the same person?
Yes, Jason Willis owns both companies, and Paradise Palms exists only to act as a specialty store for palm trees, NOT to deceive anyone into buying from two "different" companies.

Is Willis Orchards geographically close to TyTy Nursery?
Yes, but it's a good drive from one to the other, I'll tell you that.

Are Willis Orchards and TyTy Nursery associated?
NO. I cannot stress this enough. We are NOT the same companies, we are not run by the same people, and we DO NOT have the same terrible customer service policies that TyTy Nursery has. As my friend Matt has explained, a few of us at Willis Orchards did previously work at TyTy. Thanks to Jason Willis, the owner of Willis Orchards, we were able to leave TyTy and form a company that actually cares about its customers.

Why are there such conspicuous reviews on Dave's Garden?
We are building our company upon a good reputation and good customer service. On some occasions, we have the opportunity to speak with our customers after they have ordered and we tell them about Dave's Garden. Willis Orchards has only very recently been added to Dave's, so I expect some more positives there soon. We have not posted any reviews ourselves, and will never do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me, or you can post in this thread. You can speak to the owner directly most times of the day, or you can speak with me pretty much all day every day. I'll be happy to speak to anyone.

Jeremy Tangren - 866-876-2945 - jtangren (at) paradisepalmco.com

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Excuse Me!
What EXACTLY is the policy of this GW/FF towards
commercial advertising?
Without going with any further bla,bla,bla;
George (NJ).

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

gorgi (et al)

I was wondering the same thing (re: GW policy regarding commercial representatives posting) but my wondering is not related so much towards the two people in this thread (as they have not offered anything for sale here) but instead in reference to the other posting in the forum at this point specifying plants and prices for sale.

I think the two people from Willis Orchard are ok, discussing figs as well as identifying themselves as distinct from a nursery we have all read about, or been burned by with regard to poor customer service. Should they start listing varieties they sell or prices, at that point I will feel they have crossed a line. At this point they haven't even embedded or linked a single posing to their site.

I also will say that IMHO the reaction of the powers that be over herman2 seems to have been a tad over-reaction (considering the posting "figs for sale" link provided below). I do not know if the poster of that posting received any warnings from GW, but one would think if he had that an apology to the forum (as herman2 did) would have been appropriate.

I hope other people respond to this as well. I know that I don't want to lose the experience of people who happen to also be sellers if policies go overboard, nor do I want the forum to turn into the fig classifieds.


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No worries gorgi and Chills, we have no plan on doing any sort of advertising for any sort of price or anything of the sort regarding our products. Our goal was simply to clarify the matter at hand, and provide any sort of reasonable means for further clarification, if it was so desired.

Eric M.

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What does that mean?...

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It means we have no intentions on using any sort of means such as forums and whatnot for our advertising. We are setup via Google Adwords for our advertising needs. Our sole intention of being here is to provide a link between us and those who have any sort of questions or comments regarding us that we can provide an answer to.

Eric M.

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So how come you have ADV'd your own 'commercial' site, whereas
'one' of us fig hobbyists got 'crucified' for just opening
the mouth for some compensation for the hard work done here!
Are there some 'privileged' individuals in this FF?!

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I fail to see how we advertised our commercial site. All we simply did was clarify the distinction between the previous place of employment for those who started Willis Orchards, as well as give some explanation. If you will notice, there have be no links given, nor any statements of anything besides us trying to clear our name of any skepticism.

I apologize if anything which was stated made you feel otherwise, as it was farthest from our intentions. I understand that there was some issues in other parts of the forums other this matter, however we have done no such thing.

Eric M.

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I mean you no harm, but I hear names as
Willis Orchards, Paradise Palms (and also TyTy!).
Still very confused with the multiple commercial
names associated with you...
(orders [at] paradisepalmco [dot] com)

Recommend that you genuinely contribute to this FF
(maybe using another alias) without ever mentioning
any association with the above commercial entities.

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The mentioning of the names was because the previous company with which myself and the other employees of which this thread is associated with, Willis Orchards/Paradise Palms, previously worked for Ty Ty Nursery. As stated in the above posts, we were trying to dispel any skepticism regarding our association with Ty Ty Nursery, due to its HORRIBLE reputation for customer service, and generally anything else. The reasoning for the email address (orders [at] paradisepalmco [dot] com) was, as stated, for any inquiries or anything else which users might request in such to further disperse any notions that we are, or are associated with, Ty Ty Nursery.

The recommendation will be noted, however our purpose in joining the forum was simply to reply to this thread. It would be noted that I and Jeremy did make a response in another thread, however that was a question regarding a product which a person purchased directly from us; A response was warranted.

If you have any more comments regarding any sort of "commercial advertising" which you feel may be occurring, then please feel free to email Jeremy or myself at the email address which was listed, and we will gladly respond.

Eric M.

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>>>however our purpose in joining the forum was simply to reply to this thread.

Sorry, I had missed that point, now things make more sense.
My apologies,

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glenn9643(z8 MS)

Good morning George, Chills, et al.

I hope this is sorted out, and feel that Chills expressed a viewpoint that I agree with. This forum isn't for advertising, but we should welcome any expertise that comes our way!

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)


Glenn9643... I hope this wasn't the first time we have agreed...lol


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glenn9643(z8 MS)

No, certainly not! I just wanted to express my thoughts on this. I appreciate input from knowledgeable folks, even those who work in the industry.

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Well my experiance with Willis Orchard is that (as stated on another post)I ordered six trees mailorder. They arrived about two days later.
Allthough I am new to Mailorder Figs, I do have some experiance with potted plants. These plants were healthy, No sign of RKN , checked with a magnifying class(overkill ? )
The roots were alive and healthy.
I had a question about planting , which They answered on this forum. Thanks again. Had I checked the packing slip closer there was a note which would have answered ALL my questions. I just didn't see it.
Wouldn't hesitate to order from these folks again.

PS.. I did admire some of the workers at TY-TY Nursery as pictured on their website though. LOL

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Yea, you will probably notice that a few images have the same people, as when we left, I copied the work I had done for the Ty Ty/Aarons site to use as a structure for the new sites which were being created. Some of the images were reusable, and in such we used them. Just had to make sure they were not images which were Photoshop'd as was requested of us constantly at Ty Ty.

Eric M.

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shigun, I think raiun42 was facetiously admiring the models that were photoshopped in as "workers".

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murky and raiun42,

woops! My mistake, I misunderstood the sentence. Yes, Pat gets his models from places like iStock Photos and other such online stock image sites, and would have us cut them out and paste them into the pictures. Sometimes there are peoples heads which are superimposed onto other peoples bodies. (Jason is on there a plethora of times, with a different head). Worst part is when one of the employees (who now works here at Willis Orchards) was told to take a guy's body, and put a woman's head on it. The outcome was....interesting.

Eric M.

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Yep. Murky , you saw right thru me.
I was a little amused at the thought of some poor guy,driving to the nursery with the thought of all those beautiful "workers" showing him around the nursery.LOL

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Raiun: Sadly, some people really did arrive expecting such a thing, they would ask "where are all the hunky guys at?"

Rather than featuring scantily clad ladies and...equally less clad fellows, our site focuses on the product that you are actually receiving. When you go to a page featuring an Elberta Peach tree, you're going to actually see an Elberta peach, instead of a woman's bosom being covered only just barely by a peach or two--or something even worse. If you could only read/hear some of the complaints people had with those "suggestive" pictures. Oy.

Anyway, we're getting off topic here :)


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As long as we're off topic, may I suggest that you really do make sure that you have not only the correct species, but the correct cultivar in each of your pictures.

If you are going to use a generic stock photo, please be very explicit about that fact.

I find it very offputting to discover an identical photo accompanying 2 different varieties of a given fruit. It leads me to question the validity of all of the photos associated with a site.

I know some well respected nurseries have this problem.

Shape and growth habit of the tree, as well as the appearance of the fruit are considerations that customers such as I often take into account when choosing varieties.

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We have taken great care to ensure that our pictures are of the correct plant species. The only exception to this is on the Muscadines; the reason being is that muscadine pictures are very hard to come by for some odd reason, and many of them look identical. Stock photos tend to be of the best quality, because they were taken by professional photographers. On some things, like many of our palm tree pictures, we went out and actually took a picture of the plant. Unfortunately, you can definitely tell that the quality is not nearly as high as the stock photos :(


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I much prefer a crappy picture of the actual variety (cultivar) in question than a pretty picture of a tree that is different than the one I'm considering buying.

Getting the correct species is not good enough.

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I'm sorry, you're misunderstanding what I've said, probably due to my own unfamiliarity with some of these terms. The owner of the company is a horticulturalist, and has reviewed each picture to ensure its accuracy with the product we are carrying. Whether or not you care or realize it, the quality of a picture has a HUGE bearing on a person's feelings about the product, its quality, and the website in general. That's why great pains have been taken to use such high quality pictures.


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OK Jeremy,

I'm glad to hear your response.

Just so you know "species" is more general than "variety" or "cultivar" which are synonyms.

I believe that you are saying that you ensure that you have an actual picture of a Fuji apple tree next to the Fuji apple you sell, instead of just the nicest picture you can find of a reddish looking apple.

I think its pretty self evident that customers prefer good pictures. I was trying to emphasize that, from my perspective, more important than that is that the pictures be accurate.

I consider it misleading bordering on dishonest (whether intentional or through negligence) to show a picture of one cultivar with the intent to sell another. I'm not suggesting that your nursery was planning to do that, I'm just cautioning against doing so.

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I agree with you completely, I stated that the muscadines only used the same pictures on a few varieties because they look identical to one another and it's hard to find good pictures of them. As Eric has said, we do share some pictures that TyTy uses (iStock.com is our primary photo supplier), but I'll note that ours are on the correct varieties ;)

I apologize, when I reread my post just now, it seems that I was being a bit arrogant--I don't mean to be though.


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

The people in this forum would likely make a good resource if you were to privately and personally write individuals who have posted good pics of particular varieties and asked if you could use a picture or two of theirs. In this way you know that you are most likely getting accurate pics of a mature tree of a particular variety.

I personally would rather see a clear picture of the actual plants being offered rather than a "stock" photo of what some professional photographer says is a particular plant. I'd also rather see 2-3 pics of a typical specimen rather than a single "perfect" tree. I've got plants that while perfectly healthy and well grown that have never looked like the pictures in the catalog out of which I had purchased them. (Daylilies are infamous for this)

Even some of the respected fruit nurseries make mistakes. Wayside (not a place I buy fruit plants from) had a picture of a papaya for a fig recently and another well known fruit catalog had a picture of a blackberry for a mulberry (or was it the other way around, I forget) for a couple years.


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Chills: I will have to do that sometime in the future. As it stands right now, I unfortunately don't often have a lot of time to do much more than I already am. :(


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I'm glad I found this thread!

Sadly, I didn't know any better and sent a check/order off to T*T* last week. I made reference to it in another forum and found out the error of my ways.

Willis was one of the other vendors I looked at but opted for T*T* since the cost was less... and well, I'm a cheap b@st@rd (or so my wife claims).

Rather than stop payment on the check to T*T*, I decided just to let the order roll and see what happens. Since the cost to stop payment is not much less than the order total anyway.

I will now place an order with Willis for some of the same varieties and document the resulting plants progress "side-by-side", and document the results, and let this be a real world comparison.

Since the garden is run by my kids and wife, I will not tell them anything about either Co. and just label the plants "A" and "B", to keep it legit.

To the folks of Willis, let me state that I fully understand your dilema, as I once worked for a (computer networking) Co. that was horrible, and ventured out with several co-workers to join a start-up that was comprised mostly of refugees from the original and we did quite well. I truly wish the same for Willis!

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Enough already. Has anyone purchased any trees from Willis? How do they look? For anyone who has visited the site (especially people on the East Coast), please tell me if the picture of the Italian everbearing is what you have. That picture is in my opinion the nicest looking fruit I have ever laid my eyes on. Everyone equates I.E. with brown turkey but that looks nothing like the brown turkeys or texas everbearing figs I have grown (fig exterior and interior).

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>Has anyone purchased any trees from Willis?

Just did so, today.

>How do they look?

Will advise when the goods arrive.

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Don't worry too much about your order from TyTy. Before I learned better I actually ordered from them more than once (before my trees had time to produce fruit). I have some very healthy trees I got from them. It's just that I don't have a clue what kind of fig they are other than they are NOT what I ordered. That was my experience with them. I think I ordered 6 trees from them in two orders. Not a single tree was what it was supposed to be. However, one of them has turned out to be one of my favorite figs to eat.

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I thought I should clarify exactly what's going on with the Italian Everbearing fig.

"Italian Everbearing" is actually a generic term, similar to saying "it's a Ford truck." Italian Everbearing encompasses many different varieties of Italian fig, and we carry only one variety that we call Italian Everbearing.

I have just put up clarification on the page stating that our Italian Everbearing tree is of the Black Roma strain. The pictures on the page are indeed accurate and reflect the plant that you are being sent.


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>> Has anyone purchased any trees from Willis?
>> How do they look?
> Will advise when the goods arrive.

MY trees have not arrived (waiting till DEC) But those ordered by my friend showed up last week and I was indeed please to see that they were well packaged, no broken limbs, properly pruned, and minimal root damage, that I could see. and he got a decent size order for a home-owner. Peaches, nuts, pomegranates, figs, etc., etc.

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Hi Sandsquid, I have purchased three trees from Willis and was very pleased with the results. All of the trees arrived healthy and large for the size purchased. By that I mean when the 5'-6' trees were all 6'.

I purchased...

Washington Navel Orange
Santa Rosa Plum
Florida Prince Peach

They were packed well like you said and pruned for production which too which is nice.

This is a company I can whole heartedly recommend. Their customer service is top notch too as I can attest that I called them several times and the phone was always picked up on the 1st-2nd ring by a person who was both friendly and knowledgeable.

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Considerable concern on the future success of the mail order industry has followed the filing of a pending lawsuit against Jason Willis, the owner of Willis Orchards and Paradise Palm Co, both new startup companies, willisorchards.com and paradisepalmco.com- along with lawsuits filed against several employees of those two plant nursery websites. The lawsuit filed in Colquitt County, Ga, case number 07-cv-5793, alleges acts of theft, fraud, sabotage, willful misconduct, malice, hacking and conspiracy and goes further to include many other unlawful acts.

The immediate legal concern arises, and the worry is based on whether or not, prepaid plant mail orders will be fulfilled or lost, if Willis Orchards and Paradise Palm Co. collapse after possible government interdiction, foreclosure and quarantine.

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Hi susiford, I just received my trees less than two weeks ago and I am very happy with them. Several people from Willis has been on this site and another confirming many of the bad things we all have heard and suspected about TyTy. Its my understanding that TyTy is not listed on GardenWatchdog because they threatened them with a lawsuit because of all the negative feedback they were getting from members.
My bet is that this has something to do with TyTy and the animosity between these two companies. They are not far from each other and they sell many of the same trees and some of the pictures on both sites were the same because the same guy that set up TyTys site now works for WillisÂs and set up his site which makes me wonder if the theft is of intellectual property and not something physical like trees and equipment.

Of course I have no way of knowing as I have nothing to do with either company other than being an unhappy customer of one and a happy customer of the other. Of course all of this is just speculation on my part but I bet in the end we will find that this was orchestrated by TyTy to get rid of Willis. After all TyTy could not bring a libel suit against Willis because the things they were saying about TyTy were true. I just hope this criminal case against Willis is not true but if they took intellectual property from TyTy and used it IÂm sure there is something they can be charged and convicted of. What makes all of this sad is that the people at Willis all seamed like good people from every post I have seen them make and from what little exposure I have had with them over the phone and I hate to see bad things happen to good people.

Just my .02 cents.

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Who is susieford - other than someone who just registered today?


I'd make a friendly wager susieford remains anonymous.

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two key points here:
>The lawsuit filed in Colquitt County, Ga, case number 07-cv-5793,

As we all know, anybody with a small handfull of dollar bills and an grudge can file a lawsuit, and the courts are hopelessly back-logged with frivilous and unsubstatiated cases.


You can "allege" all you want but until it goes in front of the courts, and is ruled on, it doesn't mean _sh!t_, unless you are attempting to launch a public image smear campaign, which this sounds like.

If you are so "in the know" why don't you share with us WHO filed the lawsuit? (Keep in mind it is a matter of public record, so don't use that as an excuse not to.)


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ciao, I had a really good experience with Willis Orchard, the people were great, friendly and very helpful. TyTy probably has a problem with them it sounds like. TyTy was a joke as far as i am concerned. I just hope that Willis remains in business and continues to do good work. They have my support and best wishes. Ciao, Maggie

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Not sure what all this about?! But I think that ALL commercial
fig vendors should not (explicitly) post on this GW/FForum...
George (NJ).

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George, I wouldn't want to be flooded with sales pitches from commercial vendors either. But I don't have a problem with a business setting the record straight - especially if a specific question has been asked.
And when you have a business like TyTy the more that people know about them, the less chance more people will get taken.
hlyell,sandsquid I think you got it right, LOL. Who else is going to post a case number???

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Did anyone notice?

The pictures for the Celestial Fig and for the Texas EveryBearing Fig are the same? The Texas Eberbearing is a mirror image of the Celestial Fig and has been enlarged just a little and the color has been changed and lightened.

    Bookmark   December 6, 2007 at 8:47PM
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Hmm, I actually hadn't noticed that, in fact. Another fellow was in charge of doing some of the fig trees' pictures. I will get a proper image put up immediately. Thanks for pointing that out.


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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)

Just a thought,
Haven't most of us had a job we loved, but a boss we loathed? Although to be fair, now I have to go see the infamious "peach" photo, however I doubt that I'd buy peaches from someone who needs cleavage to push produce.

    Bookmark   December 10, 2007 at 5:18PM
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wandering over from florida forum...

there's been at least one thread on florida gardenweb regarding willis:

i ordered a bunch of seedlings from them... prices and selection are excellent, but communication is a bit weak... after ordering a few weeks ago, i had to call today to find out when they planned to ship. still, they were friendly and fairly knowledgeable on the phone, and promptly answered my questions regarding rootstock.

i'll try to remember to post here about the quality of the plants. i plan to espalier most of them, so i ordered the smallest size available.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Just to add some info, I ordered a plumcot and Gala apple from Willis, and they arrived in good shape. It took a couple weeks, but it stated they would ship sometime in Dec on their website, so I wasn't misled. No proof of them being the correct variety, but we'll assume such until proven wrong.


    Bookmark   December 12, 2007 at 2:31PM
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my experience parallels gary's -- my stuff arrived, on schedule (to the day) that they told me it would arrive. all the plants were well packed, and the sizes were larger than advertised -- the 2-3' apple seedlings (anna and dorsett) were clipped at 3' (my guess is they were closer to 5' when clipped -- judging by the thickness of the trunks -- they're in the upper left). the pomegranate was nicely sized (middle left), as advertised. zero complaints.

here's a pic:

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just ordered figs, persimmons, pomegranate from willis, they will send it off this spring, they where very helpfull over the phone, based on the posts I'm excited...


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Just ordered 9 fruit trees ( pears, nectarines, apricots and plums) and 6 blueberry bushes. Could not be happier with service, delivery and the assistance of their staff in selecting varieties suitable to my growing area.

This company is a "keeper" I would order again and recommend it to my friends.

    Bookmark   January 2, 2008 at 10:34PM
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Order arrived, everything in good shape.

Black Jack Fig was smaller than I expected but healthy and new shoots are starting to break already after only 2 weeks in the ground.

The merlot grape vine's roots looked pretty weak and ganggly but it has also started breaking buds.

Really impressed w/ the Compact Stella Sweet Cherry Tree.
excellent pruning and larger than expected size.
Would purchase from them again.

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I posted this on the orchards forum recently...

We ordered a sizable order from them in December, 07. The order included some trees for our orchard: two peaches, two apples, a crabapple, four raspberries, two blackberries, and two pears. [The order lso included one dogwood, two redbuds, and three crapes] The trees were very healthy and as large or larger than advertised. The roots were pruned well and healthy. We planted the trees in mid Decmeber (4 weeks ago) in zone 9A. They are all growing already. One peach is flowering, and leaves are growing or the buds are swelling on the rest of the trees. They've been watered twice a week.

The only complaint I have is the shipping department did not alert us that the trees had shipped. We received the order unexpectedly on a Monday, not the best day for us to plant trees. I received an email notification and tracking number four days after the trees were delivered.

I ordered using the Google option. I think they have some bugs to work out with the shipping and tracking of orders. The trees, however, were large and healthy.

Knowing what I know now, I would definately order from them again, and just call them a couple times a day until the order shipped. When I called, they were friendly.

Tom Anderson

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I ordered and got a "Kentucky Wonder" from Ty Ty 2 years ago. They delivered great. It died to the ground the first winter when some of my other figs did well. It grew fast this summer and fruited, but the fruit were late and did not mature. I covered it some this winter, so we shall see! I now have my doubts it is what it should be ... I will see this summer and then decide it's future!

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I ordered a lemon tree from Willis Orchard that arrived in December. The lemon tree was the wrong size and the fig tree was broken in half and when I called Willis Orchards, they told me to return them for a refund. Return them at my cost if I wasn't satisfied. I don't think that's fair. I checked Dave's Garden (http://davesgarden.com/products/gwd/c/6348/) that Bellamcanda sent in a complaint from Texas on Dec. 10th who received dead pecan trees from Willis Orchards and a tangerine tree and Willis wouldn't send them a refund either, unless the dead plants were returned with the customer paying Willis for return shipment costs. The USDA told me that they're not suppose to even be shipping tangerines to Texas, since they're quarantineed in Texas. Is this company legitment? I'm writing the BBB and the Attorney General's Office. How about that Mr. Willis, I think your a scam too.

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niptrixbop(z5 OH)

Last year I ordered from Willis an oriental persimmon, a mulberry tree, a fig tree, a pear seedling, and 2 oriental plums. All of them were shipped right away, and arrived in excellent condition. Except for the 2 plums, all grew, I think that the plum roots were cut too short. In any event, I returned the dead plum seedlings about 3 weeks ago and paid for mailing them back--I understood I had to pay for sending them back. Now, I am waiting for the replacements.
My concern is that they replace the seedlings and keep me from making phone calls, and writing letters and sending copies of proof of mailing, etc.
I hope that you resolve this situation with Willis in a way that will be fair to the both of you.

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It seems like you may have overreacted. The vast majority of people who have done business with Willis Orchards seem to be pleased (as I am). From what I've read of other people's experiences and from numerous conversations with folks at Willis they seem to be reasonable and dedicated to keeping happy customers. Maybe you should try again to work this out with them - rather than jumping from your unpleasant experience to calling them a scam - at the bottom of a thread where virtually everyone who did business had a favorable experience.

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glenn9643(z8 MS)

I've not read every post in this thread but thought I would add my $.02 worth...
I placed an order on 24 November and my account was charged $161.00 26 November. On their confirmation email several items indicated "shipping now" and others indicated shipping "Dec - April". I've received nothing, but I haven't had time to call them either. So far not too impressed and probably won't deal with them again.

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I ordered a few things from Willis this winter...everything came fast and had a great rootball on them. They all took well and are flowering (or blooming..leaves no flowers) if I have any complaints its..well the "fruiting size" doesnt seem to bear any fruit..It appears that one has to jump up to the "instant orchard" size if you want fruit this year and one of my trees was a tad shorter than the 6 feet.
Well they must be ok because I have another order for a Snow Queen Nectarine Tree in right now and waiting for the tree.

Hey NE _FL..how are your trees doing ? care to fruit swap this year ?

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here's what i don't understand.

angel red pomegranates were first introduced last spring. they were hard to get, most places were sold out, nobody had any more than 18" or so. except willis, they had 4-5 ft trees, or so they claimed

so i bought one. seemed dead on arrival, i planted it anyway, nothing after a month, so i sent it back. had to call after a month to see where my replacement was. finally got the new one, dead on arrival, planted it after soaking the roots in water, never grew

i wonder; how could willis be the only nursery in the country to offer large angel reds? or am i mistaken?

    Bookmark   March 21, 2009 at 9:53PM
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I have ordered from Willis orchards twice, for the first time this year. On those orders, there were a few grapevines (muscadines, bunch grapes) that really didn't seem to have a lot of root, but around 80% of them have leafed out so far. Also ordered 3 mayhaws from them, and none have leaded out yet. Ordered a bunch of blackberry plants and bababerry, and all of them have leafed out. A comice pear which has just started to leaf out. A fuji apple which hasn't done much of anything yet, and last, a Floridaprince peach tree which started leafing out a few days after putting it in to the ground.

Shipping bare root plants are always going to be hit or miss, but I think so far that my experiences with Willis has been pretty good.

I've spent over $1000 this year alone mainly on internet nurseries which ship bare root plants, and 90% of them always seem to have a problem, like not having the plants I ordered in stock or delaying the shipment for 2 months. This one didn't. I got my orders in within a reasonable time.


Also a note about tyty's/aarons... I tried to order some stuff from them a year or so back from them. I had a list of stuff ready to order, and after reading a few off of the list and the person on the phone constantly telling me he didn't have each one I had listed so far, he hung up on me before I could even finish the list and place an order. This is before I read all of the bad reviews on this company and am glad that they didn't actually have those things, or I may have gotten stuck with some bad stock.

    Bookmark   March 22, 2009 at 3:57PM
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I have purchased from Willis twice so far both times with good results. I also have read this entire thread and the reviews at the garden watchdog. None of what I have read changes the fact that I have had good results with them and that most if not all of the members I know are legitimate have also given them good reviews and that makes me wonder if many of the bad reviews could be from some of Willis's competition.

Not saying all of them are as bare root trees don't always make it and some people don't always plant them right away but I question a lot of those negative reviews posted at the garden watchdog.

And by the way Figlover69 if a nursery shipped me a tree that I could not otherwise receive in my state I would quietly thank them not turn them in.

    Bookmark   March 24, 2009 at 12:42PM
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I have to log a great big NEGATIVE for my recent experience with Willis:

Summary: Disappointing products, poor customer service, no willingness to address the problem, and rude people

-I ordered a 3 Yr old Navajo Blackberry plant, a 3 Yr old Brazos Blackberry and 25 Sequioa Strawberry plants in November. The order came within a few weeks but the blackberries were far smaller than I expected (8 inches) with virtually no root mass. The strawberries were totally dried out. I called Willis at the time and asked about the dried out strawberry plants and was assured "to ahead and plant them, there shouldnt be a problem" and told that I should expect three foot of growth on the blackberry bushes. I diligently planted everything according to instructions including the expensive Mycorrhizal Fungi that Willis recommended buying.

Now that spring has arrived in Washington DC and everything else in my yard is bursting into bloom, I have two dead sticks in the ground with no buds and not surprisingly, not a single one of the strawberries is alive.

I got on the phone to Willis requesting that they send me some replacements. I got the run around needing to talk to three different increasingly hostile people to explain and re-explain the situation. I was told that they could not send me replacements for the strawberries because they now have a "no guarantee" policy on strawberries even if they were shipped to me dead, and that they were not able to ship replacements to the blackberries until next season. I am pretty disappointed to miss an entire growing season and not to be able to grow anything this summer so requested that they just refund my purchase. The woman I was dealing with at that point got very snippy with me and told me that they were not going to do that, that I would just have to wait, and then proceeded to HANG UP THE PHONE ON ME!

While the GW site seems to create doubt that they are associated with Ty Ty, the similarity of my experience suggests that I am dealing with the same folks.

Some other thoughts as you weigh your purchase decision:

-The Better Business Bureau gives them an "F" rating (the lowest possible rating)


Ironically the dreaded "Ty Ty Nurseries" has a better BBB rating a "C"

-The interlocking names of Paradise Palm versus Willis suggests that they are trying to hide something

-They have now taken down their web site

Stay away from these folks

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It sounds like these guys have gone downhill since late 2007 when I bought plants from them. At that time they had recently broken away from TyTy and were doing a good job of running a business at that time. They worked hard at customer service. However, it seems that they have steadily gone down the tubes ever since - based on more recent postings. It's too bad.

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Hi Henry,

This is a marked contrast to the figs that I got from you which are doing great!


    Bookmark   April 16, 2009 at 8:40PM
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I have purchased from Willis Orchard many times including three times this year with great results. I have not purchased any fig trees from them though so I can't say if the the fig trees they sell are true to type or not.

I have noticed a lot of negative feedback left for them at the Garden Watchdog of late. Some are just from people without a clue. Reading people post how their trees arrived dormant 10 days ago and had not leafed out yet is just not right. Out of all the trees I have purchased from them one this year did not leaf out.
I was told to cut off a small portion of the root that includes a portion of the graft. Put it in a USPS Priority Mail Box and send it to them and they will send me a new tree free of charge. This next Fall planting season I will receive a replacement and I am happy with that.

    Bookmark   May 27, 2010 at 7:01PM
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I ordered from Willis last year and items arrived as decribed less one tree. I called and emailed them about it and made good and they sent me the shorted item twice. I called and told them they sent me an extra one and was told to just go ahead and hold on to it.

I did say a couple of times on the forums that I would reserve my opinion on them till later this Spring, By then we would be able to tell if I really got the fig trees I ordered.

Got home today and fertilized all my fig trees and was too tired to take pics to post. The fig trees I got from willis Orchard are among the healthiest in my collection. The question is are they really the variants/cultivars I ordered. Only time will tell.

I will however take some pics tomorrow and post. I will let the experts decide on the results.


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Governmental agents have leaked a report of a widespread, ongoing investigation of Paradise Palm Co. Nursery and Willis Orchard Nursery, and that the owner of Willis Orchards has panicked to rush to sell out his company and to flee the United States. This result of this online information has been published at (www.buybusiness.com/Businesses/13803/Multi-Million-Dollar-Mail-Order-Nursery-for-Sale-Top-Nationally-Recognized-Company)

Authorities claim that Paradise Palm Co. was formally a website operated under the Internet address, www.paradisepalmco.com owned by Jason Willis, who also owns www.willisorchards.com, and the closed down company, Paradise Palm Co. has been forced off the INTERNET due to illegal activities. Rumors fly, that the U.S.D.A, recently fined Willis Orchard Co. for illegally shipping infected citrus into Texas and other States. Jason Willis was forced to destroy all his on site diseased citrus trees and then to "Cease and Desist" the selling of citrus on the www.willisorchards.com website.

A garden watchdog website, is reporting that Willis Orchard Nursery has compiled more negative complaints that positives, and the B.B.B. after three years is still showing an 'F' rating for www.willisorchards.com, a rating that is so bad. that you cannot even bring up the name Willis Orchards unless you type in the now defunct company, Paradise Palm Co in Moultrie, Georgia.

It is unclear. whether or not, the greatly indebted and empty pockets of former suppliers of Willis Orchards will seek a Court intervention to block the sale of Willis Orchards, before the owner, Jason Willis, has a chance to flee the United States and pursue his other interests in a foreign county.

Website investigators have advised present and past customers of Willis Orchards and Paradise Palm Co. to complain to the following agencies, if they have any complaints against the Willis Orchards complex, or if the customers are owed free replacements resulting from dead or infected plants.

Tommy Irvin Georgia State Agriculture Commissioner:
Email- tommy.irvin@agr.georgia.gov
Phone- 1-800-282-5852

Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs:
Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
Thurbert E. Baker, Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334
Call 404-651-8600 or Toll Free 1-800-869-1123
Website: http://consumer.georgia.gov/00/channel_title/0,2094,5426814_39102589,00.html

Georgia BBB:
500 12th Street
Columbus GA 31901
Phone- (706)324-0712
Email- info@columbus-ga.bbb.org
Website- http://columbusga.bbb.org

For protection you can file charge backs with your credit card company also.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I think most of us would know better than to order from Willis in the first place, given their negative ratings on Garden Watchdog. But, it's kind of weird how all these new people are signing up just to post these messages here on Gardenweb in multiple forums. Something seems a little fishy. I think there may be more to the story than meets the eye, and there may be more to the motives of these new forum participants than they claim.

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Regardless what the other members say I'm still holding on to my word!

Too bad I didn't know about their reputation till I joined the forums and that was a few months after I placed my order with Willis. I could have taken a second thought ( Maybe ).
Yes, I did have some bad vibes as to connecting the figs with their prices but I still took a dive.

Now the question is did I really get my figs? As I posted in another thread ( My willis Orchard figs ). I will still give it more time to give my end results.

The positive side to this is I did get the figs and if they're not what I ordered then I will give them away to friends and family.


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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

Disclaimer--I have never ordered from Willis Orchard, nor am I affiliated with them in any way!

A few observations after having read through this thread:

1. The origins of the original posting on Willis Orchards in the fruit forum, seem highly susupect. It seems that a few posters have taken great pains to practice guerilla warfare on WO--register, post one damaging topic or post, then withdraw, never to be heard from again.

2. Despite many of the concerns in the earlier parts of this thread about whether or not the figs would be correct varieties as ordered, I have yet to see a post that said that WO sent the wrong figs--it would be nice of the posters from 07 and 08 would follow up, but either they were satisfied and forgot about their posts here, or they didn't think it was important enough, after first calling into question the integrity of WO.

3.Whether or not WO is eventually exonerated of the suspicions raised on this and other threads, the damage has been done to their reputation merely by the existence of this thread. How many people stop in to this forum for a short time, read these accusations, and never came back for the follow up? We'll never know.

In short, I am sad for this company. Some day I may wish to start my own company, God forbid I will have to deal with a negative internet campaign such as has been waged here. Perhaps the most responsible thing to do, would be for us to let this thread die a natural death. It would have been nice if that had happened way back on post #2.

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Great point.

Like I have stated here and on my own thread. I will give them time before I make my decision as to what I really got.
I will NOT base my decision on other peoples emotions! But I will base it on facts. This is why I have posted the pics on the other thread. The evidence is there for the world to see. Though, Not the greatest of photos. I will post better pictures later in the future.

In no way am I here to degrade W/O.
I just want the facts. And this is what this forum is for. We as hobbiests have the right to know what we are getting.

Lets say you were looking for Italian Everbearing cuttings. And of all the members, I came up with some for you. And after carefully rooting them and potting them and fer

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Not sure what happened to my last response but half of it is missing. Oh well.

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Girlbug2 you are a better reader than most. Almost all of the negatives given them at Dave's Garden Watchdog are the same.

A person joins the forum and the only post they ever make is to trash Willis Orchard and they are never heard from again.

When Willis Orchard first opened there were lots and lots of negatives at the Garden Watchdog. Then they were sited by the administrator as all being from the same person with the same DNS as TYTY. Later they were all deleted. Then they got more negatives as stated above from people who never posted before and never post again. Like Willis Orchard was the only nursery they ever ordered from.

Being one of their first and very happy customers who has called them many times and someone has always answered. I have been very suspicious of many of these posts and negative feedbacks. Not that they don't deserve some negative feedback. Any company doing as much business as they do is bound to have some unsatisfied customers.
When someone giving them a bad wrap says they don't answer their phone its really makes me wonder. I have had a tree not bloom and they said no problem and they still answer the phone right away when I call. Me thinks there is something fishy in Denmark.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'm really not somebody who likes negativity, and I hear loud and clear what you are all saying. I hang out a lot at the Orchards forum, and this same thread under a different topic is going on there. Whoever has animosity towards this company seems to be pushing it hard! It's probably in every forum on this site! Interesting.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

So, did Willis Orchards go out of business, or not? Was it really for sale?


    Bookmark   May 29, 2010 at 4:24PM
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Noss it looks like they are for sale. I don't think they are going out of business whether it sells or not. They have way to big of a customer base to just walk away but who can say.

    Bookmark   May 29, 2010 at 5:20PM
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Hi Henry, where are you?
Hope all is well...
George (NJ).

    Bookmark   May 29, 2010 at 7:08PM
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I can care less about Willis Orchard and their negative feedbacks.
Like I stated, I want to know if whether or not I got what I ordered! And this was done before I joined the forums.

And still to this moment I have reserved my comments and WILL continue to do so till I have 100% for sure I have an answer.


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mrhappy(z8 - Austin, TX)

I've not done business with Willis and I'm not associated with them in any way but I have a few things to say:
1) If I walked across my lawn barefooted I would not like to step in a pile of Better Business Bureau

2) The only posts I've seen by member fireant156 on GW are all the same as the one in this thread and they are posted to in multiple threads and forums.

3) I couldn't get the link to the buybusiness site to find the story (not willing to waste a lot of time).

4) I've never heard of anyone being forced off the internet.

5) If a company does interstate mail fraud (I'm not suggesting this company did such) then the Secret Service investigates. The SS is very professional and there won't be leaks of information.

    Bookmark   June 7, 2010 at 12:15AM
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So that all seems very unsubstantiated to me.

I have two figs from WO. A black Jack and Italian Everbearing. Both are spectacular right now and have the start of figs all over them. Right now all the figs are green and small. Last year when I received them, I split one at the root. That little torn root was put in a pot and came to life (with no effort other than potting) and is now also a healthy little guy that looks like it also may have the start of figs. So can I say for sure that I got the correct figs? I suppose not until they are mature. What I can say is that they are very very healthy plants.

    Bookmark   June 7, 2010 at 7:01AM
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I agree with Rafed. I did the same thing, I ordered a Desert King and a Peter's Honey from Willis , before I became a member of this forum.
They are growing very well, no problems. Too young for figs, But healthy trees! I'll just wait and see. Fred

    Bookmark   June 7, 2010 at 9:25AM
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I never posted anything on any watchdog or whatever forum. I only bought 2 figs from Willis. Black Mission and Italian Everbearing. Both were shipped well, very healthy plants, so far so good, but neither was what it was supposed to be. I am not crazy about waiting a year or 2 to find out I didn't get what I paid for but I gave them both away and they are excellent growing plants. Just not what I was led to believe. Am I mad? Maybe for a while but I understand these things do happen. The friends I gave them to are happy so I guess I am.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

How bout those figs!!!!!


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I'm sorry I didn't read this thread before ordering from this bunch. I placed two orders about a week apart, for a spring and a fall delivery. They both arrived at the same time, THREE weeks after the order was made via web. The condition of the plants was fair at best and with early Texas heat, I've lost 6 of 8 fruit and olive trees (not surprising since 5 were to be shipped in fall when it wasn't too late to plant them) and all six blueberry plants, three raspberry and three grapes....many hundred dollars worth. Am Express doesn't think this is a problem and Willis will "replace" the dead ones...I suppose with fair condition plants shipped late in the wrong season. I wouldn't order from them again if they were the only nursery in the world. My initial call complaining was met with at best brusque indifference.

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falconfling cut off a piece that has both root and trunk/scion and sent it back to them. They will send replacements. They will ship the replacements for free. This is the time to plant in your zone and also when they have fresh stock to ship.

I lost a Garden Prince Almond they sent me. It never leafed out. I ordered it a little late and planted it when temps were in the 90's and rising to 100+. I should have ordered it in the fall. I plan on sending it in for replacement next week.

Best of luck to you.

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I am the Unfortunate who bought trees from Willis. They are quick to ship after you order. The sizes of the shipped trees are a joke. It does not match what they claim. I bought 4 Figs trees from them two were very little but fortunately started to have leaves. The two big ones Blackjack and Brown Turkey were dead on arrival. I planted them and waited for 4 weeks for one leave to show and none showed up. I called them I was told scratch the lower part if it is brown wood it is dead. I did and it was sure brown. They told me cut the roots and mail it to us. I did mail the roots to them by priority mail. It took me three months with phone calls and all I hear "we did not get them" I was mad and told them I am going to GA consumer protection. After that they send me an email with Bill of the two trees with zero balance. I waited and waited and waited for the replacement trees to arrive I just got it yesterday three months after their email. Off course it is dormant and I don't know If it is alive or not. Has to wait to next spring to know. THey Just wasted the entire season for me. In my order was 4 Apricot trees and 2 Grape trees for fall shipping I just got it I have no idea if the trees are alive or not (Dormant) I will know in the spring. I promised myself in the spring whatever trees are dead or alive I will never call them about it and just lick my wounds. I promised myself again NEVER ORDER ANY THING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN.
In comparison I ordered Blueberry trees from DeGrandchamp Farm In Mich. A true professionals and I am so happy and I close my eyes and order from them again and I am recommending them to all my family and Friends.

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Buttom Line Willis has no customer service to speak of. I am dealing with two other Nurseries Degrandchamp Farm In Michigan and Fast growing trees in NC. I am amazed how good their customer service is. After I received the plants and Planted them I needed technical advice about the PH of the soil, Fertilizing, watering and winterizing. With email I got all the information which helped me to have healthy plants in reasonable amount of time. All Car Dealers sell cars made by FORD. But what makes the difference between good Dealer and a lousy Dealer is the service you receive after the sale is completed. I buy my cars from a dealer 90 miles away and not in my State. I don't like to drive 90 miles but I buy from no other dealer but them because of the professional customer Service I receive. I told Google about the bad treatment I received from Willis because all Willis Internet orders go through Google. Google is over sized Company and they did not care. Before you order do some homework and don't get fooled with how the good the Internet site looks, Willis has a very good looking Internet site.

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foolishpleasure I guess we all can have different experiences. One of the companies you really like had such a bad reputation on the Garden Watchdog. May people were saying they took their money and never sent any trees. After which the company threatened a law suit if their company was not removed from the Garden Watchdog. Thus they are no longer on the Garden Watchdog.

On the other hand I was one of Willis's first and frequent customers and I have never had a problem with them. As far as customer service goes they have answered my every call and met my every expectation.

I realize you feel you are on some sort of crusade. However in doing so you have directed people to another company whose Garden Watchdog feedback was even worse than the company you are trashing. If the average person gets the average service that was posted on TGW about one of the companies you say is good. The average person who buys from them on your advice will be ripped off.

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I am not on a crusade agaist Willis Co I don't know how you got this idea. I am just stating my experience with them which was unsatisfactory. Also I am not recommending any nursery to any body and I am not a salesman for any body. If you took the time to read my post carefully you will notice I said before you order DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you have bad experience with fast growing tree Nursery in NC my experience with them is completely different from yours. We have different interpretation when we pass judgment. Even courts and Judges has different interpretation of the same law. That is why we have appeal courts and supreme courts.

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foolishpleasure When I send back the carcass of my dead Garden Prince I will pay the extra cost for "Proof of Delivery". See, I do read every word of you posts.

I have seen you post negatively about Willis in several threads. To be fair, if I had your same experience I would not be happy with them either. I however can tell whether or not a tree is alive or dead when its dormant. I contacted Willis the day my tree arrived and several times there after with updates. They are expecting my tree to be returned and I don't anticipate there to be any problems.

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You Like Willis Nursery Good Luck. I set a policy for myself not to buy any trees from any Nursery who sells bare foot trees. I pay more money to get my trees with full root intact in a pot. My experience tells me it saves one season and lots of aggravation. As you may already know the people who love trees as a hubby like myself has lots of aggravation such as Squirrels, Wasps, Maggots and Cuddling Moth just to name a few The last thing I want not to have a nursery to aggravate me. If you read the 100 some posts in this thread you will notice about 80% of the posters complained about Willis which is an extension of TYTY who do not take care of their customers. The Fast Growing trees Nursery which you had bad experience with then. We knew about your bad experience of your posting trashing them every chance you had and nobody accused you of any thing like a crusader. I said in my post Do your Home work and don't depend on hearsay. Freedom of speech is wholly right guaranteed by GOD and our constitution.

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Foolishpleasure you must not read what I post. I never said I had ever ordered anything from Fast Growing Trees. I never even mentioned their name. To the best of my knowledge I have never mentioned them before let alone trashed them. I said I had ordered from Willis. Willis Orchard is not TyTy and they are not affiliated with them in any way. If you have read this thread as I have you would know that. Saying they are is not freedom of speech; its slander. Slander is neither protected by God or the constitution.

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It seems to me you are affiliated with Willis in some way. They are a lousy nursery which will never get a penny business with me. This is not slander it is FACT.

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foolishpleasure I have been retired for the last 18+ years. Before that I was a carpenter. I have never worked in the nursery business. To this point I have never sold a plant or tree in my life. Neither have I ever worked for anyone or had any business affiliation with anyone who has. Just because you think something does not make it true. Yet for some reason you open your mouth and say it as if it is.

You said â¦.âWillis which is an extension of TYTY who do not take care of their customers.â

That is not a fact. That is a slanderous lie.

You can âseemâ all you like but just because something seems like something in your mind does not make it true. I donât work for Willis or anyone or have business affiliations with anyone of any kind. Itâs getting harder and harder for me to sort out your lies from your outright speculation and slander. At this point I donât believe anything you have said anymore.

Just for full disclosure.

I have agreed to sell someone one rooted cutting next year. No money has exchanged hands. I also hope to sell cuttings and some rooted cuttings on eBay someday. I don't ever want to run a business or have any business obligations or affiliations with any nursery or anyone else for that matter. I'm fully retired and plan to stay that way. Anyone who says anything to the contrary is a liar.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Foolishpleasure, I've known thisisme for almost two years now and he is not connected to either TY TY or Willis. He's been giving others advice and helping us out on this forum for over 6 years.

The guy lives almost two thousand miles from either nursery.
You owe him an apology.

Also to my knowledge...Ty Ty is not connected to Willis. You had a bad experience or two with a nursery. Most of us have at one time or another. Get over it.

(also not connected to TY TY or Willis nurseries).

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niptrixbop(z5 OH)

My experience with Willis for whatever it is worth. Maybe three years ago, I got a fig, persimmon, pear, and 2 plum trees. The trees arrived in perfect and well packaged condition.

The following growing season, the plum trees did not make it. I called Willis and was told to send the dead trees as proof that they had not made it. I did not do it right away; in the fall, after calling Willis again, I sent them the dried roots with small piece of the stems--to save on shipping costs.

Although, I was asked for proof of order and purchase, Willis replaced the dead plum trees with 2 plants in excellent condition. I planted them, one made it, the other did not. The one that did not make it was in just as good condition as the one that did. I did not ask for a second replacement because I feel that I wouldn't be fair to this business to ask for a replacement for a plant that was in good condition when I got it.

I had all the shipping labels, order confirmation, date of first call, name of person with whom I spoke, etc., etc. I make it a practice to keep all these records. Sometimes, returns and refunds are not the most pleasant experiences, after much frustration, I have learned to have all my documentation and am ready to follow the return hurdles that one may be required to comply with.

I understand the frustration of receiving merchandise that is not in the condition that one expected it to be; and to add insult to injury, one has to follow the return procedures, which sometimes are a waste of time and effort. On the other hand, one has to have empathy for businesses, especially if the quality of the product is good and the business follows the policy that was explained before ordering.

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Enough said about this Nursery. I have no time to waste. I spent $600 on trees from them whether it works or not and whether it is dead or alive I am done with them. I am not going to go to the poor house for $600. Move on.

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foolishpleasure I have been retired for the last 18+ years. Before that I was a carpenter
So you are a carpenter. I hate carpenters because as a carpenter I am a failure. I must spent 5,000 dollars on electric tools. Electric drills, Electric Jig saws, Electric chain saw, table saw, Electric screw drivers even I have electric hammer. I built a small steps for my Patio and My kids and Girl Friend laugh at it. I keep trying now I am building a little shed I like working with wood It keeps me off the streets.

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Good way to Break The Ice.

Maybe "thisisme" can give you some advice on how to hammer a nail onto a 2x4.


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Plenty of real good figs stuff here [F4F]:
No questions about that.
Offer is time-limited (ebay).
Be aware that some special
(one per order) agricultural inspection/paperwork
fee may apply for plants shipped to some (USA) states.

Fig scions are also usually offered yearly around February
(I presume that the agr. fee is not required there).

Check out home-site (also plenty of free fig info):

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I think Foolishpleasure owes Willis Orchard an apology. I think he owes me an apology and I think he owes the members of Garden Web an apology for what he has done,

I do not think he is being truthful about his dealings with Willis Orchard. I think anyone looking at what he has said about his purchase from Willis Orchard before he posted in this thread would be shocked and sickened by his remarks.

A little look at what Foolishpleasure has said about Willis Orchard and their trees.

Here he http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg0715022322862.html said..
Wed, Jul 28, 2010 âI wanted to start some Fig trees too. I just planted two trees one called Black jack and the other is called Brown Turky. I bought it from Willis Family Orchard in GA by mail. The trees arrived to me very healthy and they have all the varieties.â

Here he http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg0816343113565.html Said.
Fri, Aug 6, 2010 âI bought from this company and I have no problem. â¦â¦â¦..As for Willis I am very comfortable with them even if they don't produce all their stuff So what big deal.

Here he http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg0800255411002.html said
Sat, Aug 21, 2010 âMy young Fig trees which I planted in a very sunny location seems to hate the sun. When it is sunny and hot in the early afternoon the leaves curl down and up. After the sun goes away they come back normal. I have one shade I put it on one tree and it was happy. Is the leave curling a natural defense against the sun. I could transplant them in a shaded area or put shade on them if necessary. I thought Figs are semitropical and love the sun. Any suggestionâ

Sat, Aug 21, 2010 âThese young trees were shipped to me bare feet and I transplanted them about 3 weeks ago. I think the root still in shock. I made the mistake of planting them in the sun immediately. A lesson I learned. I should planted them in pots in half shaded area then put them later in full sun. I have one tree which I potted in shaded area is doing very well.â

Here he http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg100816391595.html said
The name of this thread is⦠âBLACKJACK RIPENING VERY SMALLâ
Wed, Oct 27, 2010 âI pulled one which was dark red. I ate it it was good small but good. I guess the tree needs fertilizer for the Figs to large but I don't want to fertilize the tree now and deal with growth when the tree is ready to go dormant. That tree produced about 40 delicious Figs during the season although it is a young tree in 8 gallons pot digged in the garden with holes in the lower sides.â

Here he http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg1022573626401.html said
Thu, Oct 28, 2010 âItalian Fig tree and a Chicago Hardy has lots of green healthy leaves and refuse to go dormant. The other trees Blackjack, Brown Turkey and celeste has its leaves turned yellow and falling down. What should I do with two stubborn trees.â

In this thread he said. http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg0913170923431.html?110
Sat, Oct 30, 2010 âThe sizes of the shipped trees are a joke. It does not match what they claim. I bought 4 Figs trees from them two were very little but fortunately started to have leaves. The two big ones Blackjack and Brown Turkey were dead on arrival. I planted them and waited for 4 weeks for one leave to show and none showed up. I called them I was told scratch the lower part if it is brown wood it is dead. I did and it was sure brown. They told me cut the roots and mail it to us. I did mail the roots to them by priority mail. It took me three months with phone calls and all I hear "we did not get them" I was mad and told them I am going to GA consumer protection. After that they send me an email with Bill of the two trees with zero balance. I waited and waited and waited for the replacement trees to arrive I just got it yesterday three months after their email.â

Just to summarizeâ¦.
He ordered dormant bare root trees which arrived and where planted August 6th . He planted the bare root trees in full sun in the heat of August. Later in this thread he post on Oct 30th 2010 and said the big ones âBlackjack and Brown Turkey were dead on arrivalââ¦â¦.âI waited and waited and waited for the replacement trees to arrive I just got it yesterday three months after their email. He threatened them and they sent him more trees for free. What a wonderful thing.

However three days before he received his replacement trees from Willis Orchard. He was picking fruit off a Blackjack that he said he purchased from Willis Orchard and the tree was large enough that he had picked 40 ripe fruit from it by Wed, Oct 27, 2010. This happens to be two days before his replacement tree arrived from Willis Orchard because he said the tree arrived dead and he said he sent it back.

Again and again he stated he only had four trees. From start to finish he said they all came from Willis Orchard. He asked others for help when he had problems with them. And now we are somehow supposed to believe he shipped the dead trees back to Willis Orchard that he was picking fruit from? Trees he said were dead and shipped back?

Sat, Oct 30, 2010 âI was mad and told them I am going to GA consumer protection. After that they send me an email with Bill of the two trees with zero balance. I waited and waited and waited for the replacement trees to arrive I just got it yesterday three months after their email.â
Trees that he threatened to turn them over to consumer protection over because Willis said they never received them? To put things mildly I would say someone has been far less than truthful. I would say someone was lying and committing slander and fraud. I donât think that someone was Willis Orchard.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I'm with Rafed. Some people are too arrogant and hard headed to acknowledge when they have wronged someone, much less apologize for it.

It would appear that changing the subject and whining about his incompetence as a carpenter is about all he is capable of.

It's actually pretty pathetic.

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I too have ordered from them and said I would reserve my comments about them ( Willis Orchard )till I get the facts.
That is did I get the variants I ordered and the answer turns out to be NO on some and the others were given away.
I ordered five or six and played a fair game with them.

To their credit they did send out the shorted one right away and they sent an extra and was told to keep it because it was not worth the postage.

I DID SAY as well to their credit that the trees they sent me were among the healthiest fig trees I have.

What I meant by saying "Breaking The Ice" was maybe foolishpleasure was trying to let "By Gones be By Gones" and move on. But it appears "thisisme" is too upset for now and I can understand that.

Not here to choose sides but we all have our own opinion about something or someone and really,,,,, I respect both of you for this. You both stood up to something you believe in.

Like both of you, I too do not base my decissions on other peoples emotions.

As the saying goes: what's one mans junk is another mans treasure.

Hope you both can come to terms someday and leave this all behind and laugh about it. Laughter is good medicine.

Hope I put my 2 cents in.


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I owe nobody no apology Willis Orchard wronged me and caused me severe pain and wasted time You like them that is your business I just don't care. As far as I am concerned they don't exist For the other posters who accuse without knowing the facts it is a complete ignorance.

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rafed I would not buy figs from Willis because they don't grow their own.

THIS IS NOT JUST AN OPINION. If you read my last post you would see plainly in foolishpleasures own words. He LIED, he EXTORTED, he committed FRAUD and SLANDER.

My defense for saying this are his own words with the links to prove it. How you can respect someone like that is beyond me.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I guess if your "facts" hadn't changed over the course of your many posts...as evidenced by what was exerpted (above), and I guess if you hadn't accused a long time contributer her of being "affiliated" with Willis in some way simply because he disagreed with your changing facts...I could have stood with you.

As for "breaking the ice" rafed...where I come from that would be called dodging the issue.

Opinion is opinion, facts are facts, and when you slander someone, you man up and apologize. Some know the difference...some don't know the difference...and others don't care about the difference.

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I tried to explain to you after the last post that I finally clicked on what you were saying but this forum doesn't allow us to return right away to at least try and correct our selves. This is something the webmaster needs to work on so there won't be as many misunderstandings.

But keep in mind that this is not my fight. I'm simply trying to get two people on good terms once again.

Where I come from breaking the ice is and could be a good start for an apology. Don't know about dodging anything.
I think he added the carpenter part as humor.

Once again thisisme,
I will not take sides in this matter. Just want peace in this forum. I did read what you posted on what came from him and I still respect this person as much as I respect you. We are all here to try to learn from one another. Sometimes there will be disagreement, Big disagreements!

Time to put an end to this and move on.


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rafed I don't hate him or even really dislike him. I just read his posts and saw that he is a rather unsavory character. As a rule I don't associate with people like him as I am not the criminal type. I spoke my peace. If he is willing to leave it like this so am I. I just wanted the truth to be told. Plain to be seen from his own posts. Willis never got the trees he claimed to have shipped because he never sent them. He is the worst nightmare of every eBay seller and business person. Seeing the kind of person he is I sure hope he never buys anything from me.

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I have enjoyed reading all of these posts. I was going to buy about 25 fruit trees from Willis (starting a home Orchard), and was going to go right ahead until I saw the negative comments on Dave's Garden site. That got me to searching around more and I found this thread. It really seems to me that there may be someone from TYTY that really has it out for this company. I could be wrong but that is the way it feels. Who holds a grudge so long that they waste their time posting negative things all over the place?
I have a question for those who are much more expirienced then I am. I live about 7 hours from Willis Orchards. I am considering driving down to actually pick up my trees. The cost of shipping would be about $375 and the cost to drive would only be about $175 in gas and I have the time, plus less where and tear on the trees hopefully. I plan on ordering mainly 6'-8' trees so I can see some fruit in the summer of 2011. (My 6 kids and I are not patient people - results now!) Would you suggest trying to get these trees in some sort of Pot??? Not even sure if that is possible for an 8' tree, but from what I have read it may be better for the tree. Let me know what you think. Any other suggestions would be appreciated also!

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h20polo not all of the negative feedbacks for Willis are fake. There are some legitimate ones even in this thread. A lot of nurseries only ship in the Fall planting season or Fall and early Spring. These are the two best times to plant. Willis ships all year long if they still have trees in stock. Planting a bare root tree in the summer months will greatly increase the chance your trees will fail.

Living in the desert now is when I want to plant. If you can drive there I would say go for it. That way you get to pick out the best trees out of all the trees they have. Stay away from their figs though as they don't grow their own. Mislabeled fig varieties is all to common in the nursery business and they suffer from it too. There are very few nurseries I would recommend for people looking for figs.

Growing in pots is a lot less forgiving than planting in the ground. Miss a watering or two in summer and you could have dead trees. Even in big pots you have to pull the tree and root prune and re-pot every 3-5 years. If you can plant in the ground thats what i would do. If you can't and need to plant in pots the soil mix you use will be vary important and can mean the difference between success or failure.

Be sure to visit the Fruit and Orchard Forum. Ask about spray schedule for pests and disease. There are people there from your neck of the woods who will be able to help you and there will be things to be done while the trees are dormant and when they come out of dormancy.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

And another thing h20polo. How do youplan to transport them? I bought several citrus and some other trees in Phoenix last year and transported them back home in the bed of my pick up. The drive was about 200 miles, and took a little over three hours. Most of the trees were severly defoilated by the time I got home. They all survived...but that long drive in an open pick up really set them back.

If you have a van or a shell on your pick up I would say go for it. Otherwise...maybe not.

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Great thinking wabikeguy. I was not even thinking about that but he did say he would be driving 375 miles.

h20polo buying trees you can see is way better than buying online because you can pick the best ones. Even so Willis is 375 miles away from you. Isn't there a nursery that sells large fruit trees nearer to you? I realize most online nurseries won't be shipping until late December to early January or later. But local nurseries may have some larger trees in stock. Willis is after all an online nursery and the prices they charge for any of their larger trees is a lot higher than you would pay at a local nursery.

If you do buy a bunch of trees from them I would ask for a big discount. I would not be ashamed about asking for it either. This year I ordered twelve tree in three orders so I ask for a free tree. They said sure and they gave me a 6-7' branched Transcendent Crab Apple tree.

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Great help guys....Yes I am still looking for a local vendor but I can not seem to find one that sells fruit trees (Nashville, TN). Remember the 6 kids comment....Yes I have a 12 seat extended van that all the seats come out! I am not sure that seeing the trees first will help all that much. I am not sure that I will know what I am looking for as far as a healthy tree. I figure most will probably be dormant at this point in the year.

I will also definately check out the Fruit and Orchard Forum. Maybe I should talk to the local co-operative to see if they can recommend a local nursery.

Thisisme-I was not talking about planting the trees in pots here (I would have no idea how to do that anyways) I guess I was wondering if orchards could leave on the root ball when they dig out the tree somehow.Then I was thinking I could plant the tree root ball and all. Not sure if that is possible.

PS. Once I get the trees I may not tell anyone how many survived....I have a strong feeling that with my lack of knowledge in this field I may kill off 75% in the first year no matter where I get them from! That is one of the reasons I am buying so many...buy 25 and at least 6 or 7 have to make it!!!!

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h20polo you should not buy any trees until you have studied up. How you plant your trees and where you plant your trees and how much and how often you water them is as important or even more important than when you plant them. If you do this right and plant within the next couple of months you should have a 100% or near 100% success rate.

You have time. Do it once, do it right.

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wabikeguy,thisisme and h20polo,

You guys just reminded me.
Earlier this year I stopped at Fanicks nursery in San Antonio, Tx.
I called in advance and asked if there was room for my semi truck first before I attemp the drive and was told yes.
Turns out the street was a residential but too late I'm there now.
So here's where the fun starts, I picked out two Jujube trees and each well over six or seven feet tall.
Here I am in San Antonio but live in Sterling Heights, Mi.and won't be going home for another week or two. LOL

Luck my truck is a Condo, Double bunk and you can stand up and do jumping jacks with little effort. At that time I had the passanger seat removed so they rode with me from state to state for a couple weeks. And yes, they are doing very well and can't wait for them to fruit in a year or two.

My point is you can work with what you have. I'm sure you are not the only customer they have that will take such a long drive. I remember a few years back I purchased a couple trees from a local nursery and all I had was a mid-sized sedan. The nursery covered the tree canopies with plastic and threw them in the trunk with the conopies sticking out and by the time I got home all was safe.

Just remember,
Where there's a will there's a way.

Good luck,


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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)


Bare root fruit trees survive rather well, you probably won't kill as many of them as you think. I've had problems with potted trees and think that the dormant bare roots are by far the better bet.

Fruit trees here are not dormant yet, so it is probably too early to drive for trees. You don't want trees dug last spring and held in cold storage all year.

You'll want to keep roots damp. It's enough to wrap them in wet newspaper and place them inside a plastic trash bag. Plant them when you get home; don't expect them to last long in a trash bag.

Healthy bare roots have flexible branches and the bark looks hydrated, often with a greenish undertone. If branches are crispy, give the plant a pass (except grapes that really seriously look dead when they are dormant)

I suggest that you go over to the fruit forum and ask about places to purchase plants in your area. There will be someone from your general area who can recommend a good place closer to you.

My son did a drive for blueberry plants, 120 miles each way. He came home with several dozen blueberries and a 10 ft tall potted walnut tree that he fell in love with when he saw it.

He was driving a Chevy Blazer and the pot went into the back and the tree filled the inside of the vehicle. He was peering around walnut leaves to drive.

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rafed I loved that story.

thisisme grinning ear to ear.lol

I totally understand though. If you don't want to start out with a small tree in the variety you want ones options can be fairly limited. Come January I may be renting a truck and driving to a nursery 2 1/2hrs from here. I totally get it.

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oregonwoodsmoke - thanks for the good advice. I am a sponge right now trying to soak up as much good info as I can!

Don't worry thisisme....I am still researching and I still have to put up the 150' X 150' fence to keep out the deer and small varment! I am putting a 24" rabbit fence and then an electric fence up to 6' high. So I do still have at least two more weeks before the area is even ready! I don't really plan on killing off that many trees either!

I will also be purchasing a 25 gallon trailer sparyer so that I will be able to not only water but also spray the trees on a reasonable schedule. I did not realize that the trees needed to be sprayed and fertilized prior to the spring though....lots still to learn!

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h20polo dormant season spraying is important for many types of fruit trees both for disease and insects in your zone. Not so much here in the desert though. The information you need is in the Fruit and Orchard forum. There are a lot of true experts over there that are more than willing to help.

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Willis Orchard is a horrible company! They are crooks!! I ordered 10 raspberry plants which arrived DEAD. I contacted customer service (what a JOKE!) and they refused to refund my money. Now I am out $87.00!!!
This company has low quality products and horrible customer service. The Better Business Bureau has a complaint!

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

The BBB has no teeth. All they can do is file your complaint and make an inquery. You can file a complaint with the Georgia Attorney General's Office. They have a website. You can google it and, as I recall, file your complaint on line.

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MARCIA you are about the 100th person who became a member here or in your case did not become a member here who does nothing but trash Willis. Personally I would not recommend buying figs from them. They buy them dormant from a suppler. Many of the fig trees sold by other nurseries are purchased and resold the same way. The result is many mislabeled trees. Why you are posting about raspberry plants in the Fig Forum is beyond me. If you really are a customer of Willis's then keep those raspberry plants. If they don't leaf out or are not true to name they will refund your money. No nursery or nearly no nursery is going to grant a refund of a dormant product the day it arrives. That does not mean they have bad customer service. If they don't leaf out you will be asked to send back a small part of each plant that has both root and cane. A small Priority Mail box should be more than large enough.

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This company is not trustful. I returned a dead tree root for replacement according to their policy. I called them two weeks after I mailed it out and I was told they did receive the dead tree root and would send out the replacement soon. However, I haven't got anything one and half months after. Then I called them again and again, and I was told they didn't receive the dead tree root which I returned. The guy asked me to show them the receipt from post office, this is really ridiculous because I just put the envelope in the mailbox and no way to get the receipt from the postman when he picked up the mails. So this is only an excuse that they don't want to give me replacement or refund.
Be careful with this company, don't buy anything from it. My experience with it is lots of wasted money, but even worse, lots of wasted time. This company has lots negative reviews on website. It was so bad for me that I haven't read the reviews when I purchased trees from this company.

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These guys are scumbags. They shipped me product that wasn't the size they claimed it would be. Terrible customer service all around. I asked if fruit would come from the plants ordered the first year and they said yes. They lied. Also, the prices are not as good as you think because like I said when the stuff arrives its small junk. Almost everything I ordered is now dead because the root systems on them sucked. Only 4 plants survived out of the 14 ordered. Also, we run a large farm with a annual flower plant business so we are not noobs.

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I bought a banana tree from tyty, and I called with a couple of questions about it after it was growing for a season in my yard. The person who answered just hung the phone up on me rather than talk to me about the plant.
Then I tried to call back and they wouldn't answer the phone from my number anymore.

What horrible people! I wish I would have read posts on this forum before buying from them. :/

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Glad I read this string...not that I would have bought from Ty Ty because the cheesy photos turned me off. A legit grower would focus on the plants. Glad to hear some of the employees got out. Willis' website is far more classy and informative--and they seem to care about quality. That's a good start.

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YAY - ordering from Willis!!!

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This company is the worst. Willis Orchard sent me a tree that never grew a single leaf. During the first year they told me to be patient, that some trees won't grow leaves the first year. The second year, still no leaves, so I call and they have the nerve to tell me tha trees are only garunteed for one year. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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I seriously thought about placing an order with Willis... then I did my homework. I find it interesting that this thread is 5 years old & the two/three companies are still up & running?
I swore off TYTY without having to do any homework whatsoever. I wouldn't give my business to anyone who thinks it's amusing to pour a bucket of water over an unsuspecting dog in one one of their videos. Yes, I know it won't kill the poor dog but.... it rubbed me up the wrong way BIG TIME.

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Lets keep this forum about the care and propagation of figs, spare us the online forum marketing and hype about the three GA nurseries. Aside from years of complaints one can see on this forum or a simple google search, check the better business bureau and the state attorney before placing orders.

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