small shrub needed

marricgardensOctober 24, 2012

I have put somewagon wheels i the middle of my daylily bed. I thought I would plant a few perennials in between the wheels and a shrub on each side. There's about 5' between the wheels. I realize I would need a smaller shrub that doesn't spread to much. Variegated foliage would be nice but not absolutely necessary. The shrub should get no tall or wider than 3'. The plants I plan to put inside are R. Prairie Sun, a short blue delpinium in the back and Royal Wave Campanula and a pink Veronica in the front. Any suggestion for the shrub, blue delphinium (4') and the pink Veronica would be appreciated. Thanks. Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

A friend of mine has something like that and she's using ornamental grasses there. Looks really nice!

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I was going to leave this for the plant pro's but I love burning bush and lilacs but they might over power your wheels.

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I really like my Blue Fox Willow when it sways in the wind.

I also think that the color of it is a nice contrast.

Could you possibly move everything to the left a bit first? Your neighbour's house is a little off center, LOL !

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I'd use a weigela. Or maybe a nice small euonymus. You'd have more choice in euonymus than us, in your zone.

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The compact growing acer ginnala 'Fireball' would look great set to one of the sides ... or behind and off center to the middle of the wheels.

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Marcia: I had thought of a blue grass, possibly a pennisetum to put on each side. I'm open to suggestions about types of grasses that aren't invasive. I have lots of miscanthes but those get to big and tall so I'm looking for something else.

CLB: We're on a farm and I already have lots of Burning bushes and lilacs. Good suggestions though.

NAF: I never thought about willows. I'll have to look into that. BTW, that neighbour has already proven she doesn't want to be friends with anybody so I won't be asking her.

Northspruce: I have a few Weigela and every winter the rabbits & moles do a number on them. I cage them (the bushes not the rabbits) but that doesn't seem to help. The snow piles up on them and then forms a tunnel down the stem. I can just picture the rabbits/moles sliding down going 'Wheeeee'.

twrosz: I really don't want an more trees in there but if that's a small one it might be good. I couldn't find a picture, lots of info but no pic. Does that maple have lots of keys and you're constantly pulling out seedlings? Do you have a pic or know where I can find one?

Whatever I plant there will have to look good with the daylilies. Thanks for the suggestions. Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I don't know what kinds of grasses my friend uses. I'm sure if you research some that are hardy in your zone, you'll find some that aren't invasive. I have Karl Forester and it has been fine. Of course, how would i know? I'm always pulling grass from my gardens so there could possibly be little Karl Jrs trying to grow!

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I did search for some grasses and I think Panicum 'Heavy Metal' would look nice (so much for the shrub idea!) It's a blue/green and grows erect plus it's not to spreading. Marg

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

Karl Forester is a clumping grass and from what I've read the seed is sterile. I love that grass for its all season interest. It is our wind barometer during the winter.
Have fun planning your new bed.

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I'd plant a varigated yucca on each side of the wheel. Then plant a group of three grasses in the centre. Make it look like a dry river bed is running through the centre of the wheel, with stone of different sizes.

You could also plant a varigated euonymus on each side of the wheel because the euonymus would eventually climb up the wheel. or plant Daphne x. Burkwoodii �Carol Mackie� in place of the euonymus.

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How about some wormwood absimthium it is small the first year, but the second year wow. It is silver grey. One of my favorite plants. It is used a lot in garden design.

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Marg- what about baptist- blue/green foliage and the blue flowers. Apparently there are some new varieties that are in the pinks and yellow flowers. What did you decide on Lois

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I have decided to move a few of my existing plants in there for now until I decide what shrub would be best. The plants I want to move over there are Forever Violet reblooming dwarf iris, Royal Wave Campanula (stays small about 3" and is not invasive). I have a Golden Tiara hosta which does very well in full sun so I may move it out there. I would like to find a Veronica, about 3', and a short blue Delph. about 4'. Another thought was to plant a shrubby clematis outide each wheel and let them climb on the wheel. Any thoughts? Am I overplanting the area? Marg

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Looking at my shrubs...
High bush cranberry is trouble free to me, nice green leaves with good fall color..

Honey bee shrub

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Konrad: when we started gardening here, we planted several viburnums, none have survived - Highbush Cranberry was one of them. They are lovely bushes though. I like your moose friend. Marg

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