found fig--help with ID?

catlady4444(7)September 3, 2011


I am currently in a rented house in northern VA. Its an old neglected farmhouse, but there is evidence of previous owners who planted nice things (now overrun with weeds.) I was thrilled when I realized this big tree is a fig! The breba weren't very good, but tree-ripened figs the last 2 weeks have been encouraging! I have picked several buckets of figs so far, and there are many more to come!

Does anyone care to guess on the variety? I can ship an infinite number of cuttings if anyone is interested---this tree is a monster! : )

See links below. The center is pale pinkish green. Thanks,


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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Ann, These figs look nice. Looking at the photo, it reminds me a bit like brunswick but it's not. How did it behave in the recent hurricane rain?


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I don't know what type of fig it is but I would like some cuttings if possible. Looks like it's producing a nice crop of fruit. E-mail me if you're going to do some trimming.

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Hi Bass,

I picked every ripe fig before the storm, fearing the worst, and the tree was absolutely fine. It wasn't very windy here...

I think I will take babies with me when I leave---already have a few growing in pots. They may not be the best figs in the world, but they are figs! And this tree seems to have thrived on neglect---I love that in a fruit tree! : )

Anyone else have any ideas?

Thank you!!


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Absolutely! Just email me


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