Overwintering Geraniums and Begonias

stanly(Z03)October 28, 2010

Well, I transplanted 14 Geraniums from my big containers and hanging baskets into 6" pots and brought them all inside under fluorescent lights. I also started 24 cuttings which I have covered and under lights. I also did the same with 9 begonias which I also transplanted into 6" pots. We will see what happens. Stan

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Stan, what type of begonias are you saving over? My seed grown Illumination Apricot tuberous begonias had froze the other night and are now in the house while I wait for the tops to fall off before storing them in the coldroom for winter.


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I took cuttings from my geraniums and now have about 50 plugs growing in the sunroom. I don't have grow lights but I've found that the geraniums don't really need them. This is my first year trying to grow begonias and I was planning on bringing it in and keeping it in the cold room over winter. Terry, is it hard to start them from seed? Marg

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twrosz, they are just the non stop begonias. I don't really hava a cool place to keep them in my basement as I have renters there. I have a total of eight so would be nice to see them continue to grow and hopefully my geraniums will do well. Stan

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