super narrow Ginkgo

salicaceae(z8b FL)November 29, 2012

I found this Ginkgo in my hometown in Ohio. It is about 50' tall. It looks more uniformly narrow than most of the cultivars. Any thoughts? From 11-29

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Winner winner!

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Could be a very mature 'Gold Spire', 'Tremonia', 'Fastigiata', or 'Mayfield'. Because of the shear size and density of the branching even at that height, my vote would be 'Fastigiata'.

I just put one of the 'Gold Spires' in my garden. A lot smaller than the 'Fastigiata' but still as full looking. My 'Fastigiata' is currently about 8-10' tall and about 5-6' wide. But it definately has quit growing outward and is now concentrating on adding height. The outermost branches are definately curling up now in a dramatic fashion.


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References say, "Ginkgo biloba 'Mayfield' originated by E.H. Scamlon, OH, USA in 1948." I've seen photos of other quite narrow Ginkgo labeled 'Mayfield'.
The following photo was shared with me from Lucile at Whitman Farms.

young Ginkgo biloba 'Mayfield'

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Is your hometown Mayfield?

Do you have access to scion? We would like to graft it, if available, shoot me an email if possible.


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The only reasons I don't think it is Mayfield is because the tree in his picture appears to have a somewhat bulbous base before it then towers vertically very narrow. The branching is also very concise and tight in its upward pointing. Both are tributes I see in 'Fastigiata'

All the pictures I've ever seen of Mayfield all have a more unkept branching style. It stays very narrow and columnar but has irregular patterns in the branch directions.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I've never seen a Ginkgo that dense unless it was sheared.

Look at how freaking stong that leader is!

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

No this isn't in Mayfield and not likely to be a newer cultivar ('Gold Spire'), because the tree is quite old. To me, it looks different from all other 'Fastigiata' or similar cultivars because of the tight, dense upright branching and how uniform it is. 'Mayfield' has short, almost horizontal branches. These are much more upright and also more of them.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

Since grafting is so tedious, wasn't it often the case that "lesser" nurseries would just through a bunch of seeds in a flat and select ones that seemed fastigiate...then claim they were that cultivar? Of course male ginkgos are preferred in horticulture so maybe that wasn't possible w/'Fastigiata'.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

In any case, it's a remarkable tree form.
(To those reading the entire forum by email, sorry you had to get another from me. Suit yourself!)

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