Getting figs to ripen

vince_2007(5)September 22, 2012

With the cold weather coming can you pick figs before frost

and rippen them in the house. If so how is the best way


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I don't think so. I do that for pears and tomatoes and it works. I am really obsessed by the idea of green house. If I have green house I don't have to warry about freezing weather.

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I've seen videos where the tree has been pruned heavily to encourage ripening.
The idea being that the tree is recieving a stress similar to the onset of winter telling the tree to hurry up and ripen the fruit.

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Well:Removing branches that do not have any fruits on them is a good idea,now at this point ,to make the sun penetrate the canopy,if tree too dense.
Other than that a very large plastic bag over the plant ,with 6 inches of clearance at base will help create a minigreenhouse inside and the fruits will ripe faster.
But it has to be done just before first frost date.

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If your trees are containerized, and easily moved. try the "fig shuffle"...that's when you leave your trees out in the hut, full sun by day...and bring them into a warm area (garage...sun-room, etc.) at night. Do this to ripen your late figs. Many growers do this routine.

Next year, pinch your tree's terminal buds after 6-8 leaves have formed. This will re-direct all extra energy into forming earlier crops of figs, and force these main-crop figs to ripen sooner. Most importantly...pinch out all breba figs. If allowed to grow and ripen these brebas will probably delay main-crop figs from forming earlier in the season. Better to ripen quality main-crop figs, than to ripen inferior brebas.

Figs can only reach ripe stage on the tree. Hope this helps.


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