cherry tomato reflowers

seb14(4)October 27, 2013

i purchase this cherry tomato plant in the middle of july . it was on sale because the store was ending there gardening sales and the plant was in bad shape. i cuted all the dry leaves and trimed it , put some good soil and it reflower again and the plant almost double in seize. well now the plant has been in my living room for one month its getting yellow but still going i have estimated around 70 tomatoes still on it. and about 30 new ones coming up in the next month. Its the 4e time it refowers and it gose on. now its snowing outside so im guessing its her last time. I was wondering if its normal because im like the only one in town with a living tomato plant.

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

Well that sounds like a good deal!
I have never thought of bringing a tomatoe back into the house.
It sounds like it might be a good idea to save some of summer that way.

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i never thought of doing that too but thats how it look like 3 weeks ago the last time it when out for a afternoon for bit of sun, im soo keeping some seeds of that plant its great! just keeps giving tomatoes until november hehe

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I had a cherry tomato plant for about two years inside facing a south window when I lived in an apartment. Did quite well. Grew about six feet tall, always had flowers on it that I ensured fertilization by using a q-tip. I got rid of it when I moved since lugging around a six foot tall soft-stemmed plant is in fact rather difficult :)

Basically if you keep them well fed and well lit they should last a very long time. I guess you should also get an indeterminate variety to ensure growth.

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thats interesting too know! but im not going to be able to keep it that long because soon its going be dark at 4 pm soon and we dint have a sunny day in 2 weeks now. its having hard time lets say !

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