Growing Figs In Ct

watboySeptember 28, 2007

Hi yall I'm in Connecticut and I would like to begin growing my own figs. I love to eat them and I'm always buying them. How would I go about getting a fig tree in Ct and what are the condition and soils needs for it.

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peg919(Z6 CT)

Welcome, Watboy, its a little late here in the growing season. As soon as frost hits we will be putting our container trees in storage for the winter and wrapping those in ground. Next step for most CT fig growers is starting cuttings indoors for next year. Nurserys here won't have figs for sale until next year. If you buy from mail order you will have to store it for the winter.

Where in CT are you? I'm in SW CT near the NY boarder.

Let us know if you want to start cuttings.


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Hi watboy, C'mon in the water's fine. You're in for a lot of fun, frustration, experimentation, exasperation, joy and pride.
To begin with you're in zone 6, which like we in western N.Y. have some pretty cold winters. Figs are a sub-tropical fruit. So, getting them through the winter is a challenge. What I do is keep mine in tubs which I then bring into my basement where they go into dormancy every winter; then before the new growth begins along about Feb. or March I prune them back. They will then begin to put out their new growth. Along about April there is still danger of frost outdoors so I bring them into the garage where it is warmer than the basement but cooler than fully outdoors. Along about mid-late May I take them outdoors and place them in a sunny (they need 6-8 hrs of full sun daily) spot and leave them there. Water at least every other day. You will get different opinions re fertilizer. Many growers fertilize once in the spring and then lay off all season. Others don't fertilize at all. You'll need to experiment to see what works for you. the nursery where I bought mine recommended fertilizing heavily one season and not at all the next.
You are probably not going to find a nursery in your area which handles figs. I have bought several from Stark Bros. nursery in Louisiana, Mo.( and have been pleased with their service. I also just ordered 2 new varieties from Willis Orchard Co. in Georgia (they also have a website, but you have to call them to place an order (866-876-2945). Typically, nurseries will mail bare root stock to you in early spring when it's time to plant or pot them.
I have also just discovered an excellent booklet tiltle: The New Fig Booklet, by Ray Givan. It costs $11.00. You can order by mail to Ray Givan,2412 Low Ground Rd. Guyton, Ga,31312. This booklet is very comprehensive, gives lots of good advice re varieties of figs for your climate, how to plant and care for them. It is a good investment.
You will also gain a lot of information by following posts on this forum.
Happy growing and Good Luck

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Thank you both. I'm in Harford County. Do any of you recommend a variety that might be succesful in CT. I like them sweet :)

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peg919(Z6 CT)

As I said, anything you get now you will have to winter over with no figs until next season. If you want to contact me in the spring I may be able to give you a couple of young plants. Otherwise, you might try getting some cuttings locally, from a neighbor or such after the trees go dormant in another month or so. Keep them in the refridgerator and try starting them around February.

I have had good success with Sal's, which is a small purple fig. I'm hoping to get a Hardy Chicago for next year. It is supposed to do well here.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Peg,
I'm interested in branching out with different varieties; As I mentioned above, I have 2 Kadotas and 2 Black Missions, coming next spring. My research tells me both of those varieties should do OK in the Northeast; my total experience to date has been with Brown Turkeys. Your comments re Chicago Hardy spiked my interest, and I have been reading some favorable comments from other growers in re to this variety. Where are you getting your new tree, from a nursery or from someone's cutting? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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yeah i'll defintely will be trying to grow figs come next season. You know I went to Lowes in plainville and they just got in fig trees. they have a Chicago something I'm not sure if it's the Chicago Hardy pjb3811 mentioned. I almost bought it but wasn't sure how i could make it last through the winter in my home. It was 10.96 for a tree that was about 2 feet tall and when I read the tag it said it was hardy for the northwest. I've never seen a fig tree at lowes or any nursery actually, of course I wasn't looking for one either. You think I should buy it and if I do how do I take of it? The tag also said it can grow to be 25 feet!! I would not like for it to get that big and would prefer having it in a large container

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Watboy, If you look at a climate zone map you'll see that a good part of the northwest, away from the coast, is zone 5/6 like we are, so I wouldn't worry about that variety. From what I've seen of nursery prices, you've come across a pretty good price there. I wouldn't worry about the size it could grow to because you're going to prune it back every year when it's dormant so you can keep it to a manageable height and width; my trees are nearly 10 years old and are only 6-7 feet tall with the main trunks about 2-3 inches thick. Being a young feller, you would expect it to be in a relatively small container, but you will be re-potting it to progressively larger containers as the tree matures. I think the maximum size container you will eventually repot them to will be determined by how much weight you'll be able to manage as you move them around. Mine are in 25-30 gal containers and that is tops for my strength, and I use a 2-wheel cart as well to move them around. In terms of whether you should buy it, only you can make that judgment in view of what you have learned about growing figs.

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peg919(Z6 CT)

The tree you mentioned at Lowes is a bargan, grab it. Just set the container in your yard until it gets cold. Then put it in a sunny window in your house. A young plant can winter over inside.


I was promised a cutting of Harty Chicago after dormancy by a GW member. I have what I suspect are 4 different varities of Brown Tky. Also Jack's Qtr LB. Just babies yet. All of them have very large figs that are similar but have very different leaves. They are too young yet to judge but so far I have not been impressed with their taste. I prefer the local grown, "White and Black", that the Italians in town grow. I'm going to work on getting some cuttings of these later, wish me luck!

I have Sal's that I just started this year in January. It bore fruit. It's a small purple fig that I like and seems to do well here. I have no experience with Kadotas or Black Mission so I can't help you there.

I'm fairly new at this but have had very good luck with cuttings. The town I live in does not allow box stores. There is no Lowes or any other chain near by that sells Figs at a reasonable price. What are sold in local nurserys are far too expensive for me. Also, I really enjoy starting cuttings in the winter months. To me it is very satisfying to grow my own, so to speak. I put in my order for cuttings to UCD. I hope that they will send some. I'm always greatful to anyone who sends me cuttings.

Keep in touch and let me know how your's are coming along.


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peg and pjb thanks for the advice. i will be making the purchase this evening when i get out of work. I've been growing Heirloom tomatoes for a while now and been wanting to try something new and tasty. I love the taste of figs so it will be a great addition to my garden and landscape. i'll share my experiences.

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So I bought a fig tree. It's very nice and healthy looking. And I see baby figs sprouting. I did not expect that on such a small tree

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peg919(Z6 CT)


I had figs on trees, (future trees, I should say), that I started from cuttings in January. Not many but at least enough to see what they were like. I still have 6 figs on one that I plan on moving inside to ripen if they are not ripe by cold weather. Here is a picture of one. All of the figs ripened since I took this picture.

I wish you good luck with your baby.


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Peg that is awesome. Isn't nature good to us?

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lady_dragonfly(Zone 6)

Hi Watboy. I purchased a fig tree in spring of 2006 in memory of my Dad, it was his favorite tree, he was Italian. It seems all Italians love figs, me included. Anyway, being a novice about fig trees, it didn't make it over the winter. But in the spring 2007, it had baby shoots coming up along side the mother trunk and now it is 6 ft. tall with some baby figs. Should I cut it back? How should I protect it this winter? Also how do I take cuttings? I've never done that with trees. Thanks for your help.

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lady_dragonfly I wish I could offer you some advice but I am new to fig growing as well. I came on here to also ask questions. as far as cuttings i found some good info about it in the below link.

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Hi ! I can answer your questions about growing Figs in Ct and everywhere...

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I am in Bridgeport CT 06606. I have about 50 Fig trees and will be selling Cuttings and potted Figs this year. If anybody interested or have any questions,please email me any time evladi7654

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Could you please tell us what are the
varieties of your fig trees?


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Hi ! I don.t know why you call yourself ''we'' but still... I have Celecte, Purple G.E Neri (Italy), Fice Blanche del Selento ( Italy ), many other Italian,Portuguese,Russian, figs (light Brown and 'White') with no names ,just from different parts of Coutries, .I have several varieties from the 'Depository collection'. I ,frankly speaking, don't care the ''names'' as there are hundreds varieties with the same or different names in different countries. I collect Fig plants from different people, countries, places and then choose which one I like best ! My all backyard is occupied with Fig trees !! and I love them...tasty, delicious ! If there is anyone from California,please email me at I have some questions to ask....

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Hi ! I succesfully grow Fig trees in Ct for many years and have them for sale any time of the year! I can share my experience with anyone interested in forwing Figs .

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