green worms

sffog(10/SanFran)September 22, 2012

well after waiting for the fruit to ripen, this morning it fell off(in the pot) so i thought okay its fell because its ripe, so i washed it, cut it open and there they were, two or maybe three little green worms, and very little pulpy sweet fruit, DRY. sure hope the worms enjoyed it.anyone else share their figs with the little green worms. any suggestions ???the fig variety is an alma

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I never heard about that warms in the fig. I know that fig trees are immune to insects and infections except may be rust. I had some rust on one tree and I took care of it by spraying copper. May be it is Larva of fig wasp. I am not sure. Fig wasp does live in my climate ant way.

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foolishpleasure, thank you for your input, that is a definite possibility .

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