Bouganvillea blooms -- some do, some don't....why?

Gator99March 3, 2014

I have several bogies around my house. I have a large one in the ground and it is blooming beautifully. I also have some in containers on the front porch, and they are blooming pretty well. The ones in containers on the pool deck, however, are giving me issues. They are vibrant, green, and healthy looking, but they are not shooting out blooms, although they have in the past.

Notes about the non-blooming ones:

-They get about 6 hours of sunlight per day
-I put some fertilizer in them a couple months ago
-I water them about once or twice a week

Thanks for any tips on how I can get them to bloom.

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They bloom best if root bound. That takes a while OR you can bury them in their pot with the bottom cut out.

Nitrogen leads to green growth and no blooms.

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It depends on location and amount of sun and that is about it. You can feed all you like but it's the sun that makes them bloom.

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Bogies need full sun all day long to bloom their best. Withhold water unless leaves turn yellow and fall off. Here in South Florida they bloom best during winter when rain is scarce.

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