No daylilies blooming but other plants are :-)

Julia NY(6)June 18, 2014

Working on getting my photos into Photobucket so when bloom season starts I can remember how to do it LOL.

Clematis are going strong and I still have a couple of plants which are just starting to open but here is what has opened so far.

Josephine - both sides of the trellis are loaded with blooms

MultiBlue (really isn't blue) I put another planting of Josephine on the other side but MultiBlue is taking over.

Rebecca - really out did itself this year

Pink Fantasy - was just getting started when I took this pic. Today it is full of blooms.

One of my favorites is this big bodacious one :-) Unfortunately thunderstorms came through and all the branches went over.

Was suppose to be Raspberry Sundae but obviously not.

Duchesse de Neours, planted 2 years ago. Not many blooms.

Festiva Maxima - planted 2 years ago and not many blooms either.

and finally the Lupines are amass in bloom. So glad they reseed after our winter.

Back to weeding tomorrow as our temps are going down and the humidity is out of here again. Thank goodness. Last nights thunderstorm shook the house and the lightning show was amazing but way too close.


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Like lupines, but they don't like this climate. Clematis Rebecca is a striking color; plant here is young. It's common for peonies to take several years to get good bloom.

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I love all your clematis! I had a few good ones that I tried to move when we relocated a fence, and I guess they didn't like being transplanted. General Sikorski was the best, and he didn't survive. Your enormous peony is beautiful. Is that Sarah B.?

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What beauty you have there! Lovely clematis, I esp like Rebecca.
I have Pink Fantasy too and it's not doing well here. First year it had 1 flower, and this year the number of flowers doubled, yay.. ;) And before that it did not have any blooms at all for 2 years.
Great looking peonies too, I love those double ones. I have the one that looks very similar to your Festiva Maxima (mine are all NOIDs), it is done for the year, and I've had it for 5 years - not many blooms here either (if it's the same cultivar - id'ing peonies is as hard as DLs). And the second white I have looks like Duchess, and mine is very fragrant - and it's loaded with flowers every year (knock on wood). In fact it still has some last flowers open.

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The Clematis are all beautiful, Julia. I especially love Josephine, she is one of my favorites. I love lupines, but it is too hot here. the peonies are lovely too.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh my goodness JULIa. everything is just gorgeous, The daylilies would be the icing on the cake if they were blooming. I LOve them clematis, Joesphine is a beauty. I just have to get me some more and try them again. I use to have them blooming so beautifully each year, but for some reason they did not come back up this yearm obnlt one I have growing is one I started in a pot from seed, then my plant where the seed came from died I guess as I haven't sen it for 2 years now.personally, I really think the man that cuts my grass for me cut it off at ground level.he don't know a flower from a weed.and I must try some peonies again, too. had one I bought on time was suppose to be a double red and it bloomed white and I didn't want white at the time.I wanted red, so I gave it to a daughter and I think it eventually died.I sure love yours, they are beautiful, and Lupines wont grow here, much too hot. thank you for posting your beautiful blooms, please do it again.


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Your Josephine is so lovely, I don't know what is wrong with mine, its so pale this year and not many blooms. It gets the same care as all the others, I've noticed this year they all look like they need iron, but my friend thinks it was the late frost.

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The big, bodacious peony looks like Dr. Alexander Fleming.

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Julia NY(6)

Josephine has always done really well here. I feed all my clematis alfalfa tea each spring and they do like a lot of water and we've had plenty of rain this season. Most of them have now been here 3 seasons.

The big bodacious peony is a mystery to me since I never kept tags until I purchased the others 2 years ago because I wanted to be sure exactly what I did get.
Here is another pic of the pink one. It does have red or possibly deeper pink showing on the underside petal edges. I never noticed that until this year. It has been here for about 10+ years.

Perfect weather today for gardening and scapes are up all over the garden. Seems we will have a few more days of good weather and then back to the hot and humid weather along with more thunderstorms next week.


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Maryl zone 7a

Everyone in the south wants to be able to grow Delphiniums, but for me I'd rather have Lupines. I like the foliage even without the dynamite blooms. Lucky you...........Maryl

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Here is Dr. Alexander Fleming.

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If the bodacious peony is towards the end of your season, it might be Sara Bernhardt, which often has some red markings.

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