brown spots on fig leaves

avidchampSeptember 15, 2007

I have several Brown Turkey figs that I have rooted and still have in small pots. Recently, tiny brown spots begin showing up on the leaves. I have sprayed the plants with water and detergent, but I would like some ideas on what causes these and if I have treated them properly.

Thanks, Bob

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Rust. A fungal disease. Must be pretty wet and humid where you're at. If not, how are you watering the tree? Hose at the base or lawn sprinkler. Use Bordeaux spray. It's not a critical problem.

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Thanks! I have these in small pots and have been using a sprinkler can to water every couple of days. We are in Oklahoma, and we have had a tremendous amount of rain this year, but I have still been watering to keep them from drying out. May have over done it.


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Hi Bob: Been there, done that, even in dry 'ol New Mexico.
Bordeaux works really well. The name brand, "Hi-Yield" can be found as a powder in a cylindrical canaster at most garden supply stores. Just mix the powder with water according to the instructions and use a small spray bottle to apply it. When Rust spreads, it causes the leaves to drop. It can literally defoliate the fig plant but won't kill it. Just make sure you pick up the leaves and discard them. The spores can stick around and re-infect.

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