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rigo76802(8)September 28, 2010

when i was little boy and stayed with my grandparents i always loved their fig tree. i would usually check figs each day to see which i could pick off to eat. now that i am grown up,i wanted to start my own fig tree and have read all i could from websites. the one i found most informative was

here are my starter figs.

Negronne - started from cutting i planted horizontally

unknown Fig- i received cuttings from my Aunt. i want to id this fig when i get leaves and figs on it.

Here are the cuttings in zip lock for rooting

i'll post more pics as they start to root and i get ready to pot them. i want to keep my figs in containers so i can keep them indoors in the winter.

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what kind of fertilizer and what time of the year should i add once in containers?

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4 days after placing into ziplock bag i have what appears to be root buds already

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Very good job Rigo, yes, these are beginnings, also, very very nice pics, you can even see the hairs so clearly, excellent photography, Good Luck!

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