Calandrinia umbellata

newskye(uk-8b)August 22, 2013

Does anyone grow this? Your thoughts about it? I'm curious about why all the gardening sites seem to tell me that it's grown as an annual despite being a perennial. Is it some sort of a flop in year 2 or does it not survive the winter well or what? Is this a plant you could see growing in little nooks like between paving slabs, cracks in paving, chinks in walls, etc.? Or am I really heading for disappointment with this?

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Many plants which are perennials in their natural habitat are grown as annuals elsewhere. Tomatoes,petunias and runner beans are three examples. The reason is that they may not overwinter in a different climate but can survive outdoors in the summer. I don't know this plant, but judging from comments on various websites it needs a warm and sunny summer to thrive in the UK. The fact that it is on the Alpine Garden Societies website implies that it is a tricky subject. They are succulents which already sounds warning bells for our climate. If you are thinking of this species for you guerilla gardening I am not sanguine about your chances. You need something much tougher.

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