explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)November 3, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Since seed starting time is coming up fairly soon I was just curious to know if NoDamp is still available in other parts of Canada...

... I know it's not available in Ontario and not here in Manitoba either... I really don't know why the provincial governments have made NoDamp unavailable when it's a product used indoors and then still allow much more harmful chemicals like RoundUp to be sold by the gallons and spread around outside by the acre... I guess I'm missing something here...

... thanks in advance,


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Hi Rob. I used to be able to buy No Damp at my local Peavey Mart here in Alberta but this spring when I went to buy it they didn't have any. I asked the store owner and he told me they took it off the market. I know that folks use Camomille tea as a spray for seedlings and cuttings so I will be doing a search here for some recipes. Stan

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Doug Green from has a solution using garlic that I used last year. It was my first time with seedlings and as far as I know it worked.

If you Google "garlic for damp off" you'll find it.

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Hi Rob,
I tried Cinnamon last year but the cinnamon just grew mould itself. I think I will try Chamomile this year. I don't have a huge problem though. Keeping a fan moving the air around seemed to help.

BTW what kind of luck are you having with all those daylily seeds you buy?:)) I would love to see some of your seedlings. I haven't seen you on the Far North forum for quite a while. You guys had the best daylily discussions! I too have quite a few seeds I have bought over the last 2 years and some of my own. Have always wanted to ask you how do they grow up there with your weather and what kind of luck do you have starting the seeds?

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As you said , NoDamp is not available in ONtario any longer and my best guess is that the demise of the chemicals allowed by private individuals was due to the overuse and misuse of these chemicals. Couple that with big industry wanting to control seed propagation and we are left with little to no alternatives .

I have successfully used cinnamon for fungus control ...the key is to water from the bottom .....and over the last few years I have grown all my seeds in coir. There is nothing in coir to support fungus growth or the proliferation of fungas gnats. The seeds do excellently in the material as it is very pourous and allows air to circulate around the seed. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of seeds I have lost since starting seeds in this material . If seeds are unviable then they dont sprout but if the seeds do sprout I have little to no losses from fungal infections .


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Signet, where do you buy coir?

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Instead of using it is no longer available....

My mom starts all her bedding plants (including cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, etc) and sells her produce at the farmer's market. She was advised by a local nursery that if you stirred in a bit of Bulb Dust into the soilless mix that the Bulb Dust would prevent the growth of fungus. She has used this method and it works great!!!

I will be trying it this year, as I am almost out of NoDamp now also.

I also tried cinnamon one year....didn't work for me either.

Yes, I would also like to see some of the seedling daylilies grown by Rob, as my daylily seedlings haven't bloomed for their first time yet.


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I've seen Coir pots at Co-op Home Centre, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware.

I used them last winter to start marigolds and didn't have any luck. They dried out too quickly. Keep in mind, though, it's the first time I've grown from seed in the house, so what do I know?

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